UO QuarkNet Workshop June 26-27, 2013,  Willamette Hall, University of Oregon (Directions)

Program Outline, links to talks or related sites:

Wed June 26 -- Particle Physics, LHC, Atlas

Thu June 27 -- Gravitational Waves, LIGO, e-LAB
8:30gather;  pastries, coffee, juice provided
Introductions; wireless connections, etc
8:30  gather, eat, drink

Jim Brau, talk: "The Higgs Boson: Window on the Big Bang" (pdf, 5 MB) 9:00Ray Frey: "LIGO and Gravitational Waves" ( pdf , 38 MB)
Stephanie Majewski, talk: "Searching for SUSY at the Large Hadron Collider" (pdf, 15 MB) 10:30
Robert Schofield: "Seismometers and Seismology with LIGO"  (pdf, 6 MB)
12:00lunch, on your own
lunch, on your own
1:30Eric Torrence, talk: "Atlas and the LHC" (pdf, 20 MB)1:30
Kris Whelan: LIGO e-Lab, interface to environmental data, teacher and student tools; hands-on tutorial
3:00Spencer Chang: "Will we Find Dark Matter?" (pdf, 3 MB) 4:00
All: Cool projects I did with my classes last year; plans for next year

Jim Brau (UO Physics faculty)
Spencer Chang (UO Physics faculty)
Beth Chruchill (teacher, Salem)
Ron Crawford (Bend HS)
Ray Frey (UO Physics faculty)
Bob Green (Thurston HS, Springfield), now retired!
Art Liddle (Springfield HS)
Alicia Ryan (teacher, Salem)
Robert Schofield (UO Physics)
Rob Tinnell (North Salem HS)
Eric Torrence (UO Physics faculty)

Asher Tubman (South Eugene HS)
Kris Whelan (QuarkNet staff, UW)

Local staff help:

    Julie Anderson