UO QuarkNet Workshop June 25-26, 2014412 Willamette Hall, University of Oregon (Directions)

Program Outline, links to talks or related sites:

Wed June 25

Thu June 26
8:30gather;  pastries, coffee, juice provided
8:30  gather, eat, drink

Ray Frey:
Welcome, introductions;
Tom Jordan: about QuarkNet
9:00(All) What cool projects I did last year and what I plan to do next year.
"Bridges" - Art Liddle ( ppt, 13 MB)
9:30 Ray Frey: "LIGO and Gravitational Waves" ( pdf , 36 MB) 10:00 (All) Discussion of science high school curricula
Dale Ingram: LIGO-related activities:
- PC-based tool for signal analysis and ideas for simple experiments
- An inexpensive build it/tear it down Michelson interferometer
Live link to Atlas (CERN) control room.
(David Strom, Eric Torrence, Frank Winkelmeier at CERN)
Recorded video of the visit
12:00lunch, on your own
lunch, on your own
1:30Robert Schofield in excerpt (near 11' mark) from film
Jim Brau: "The Hidden Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Gravitational Waves" ( pdf 4 MB)
(Dale Ingram, contd.)
- Make-and-take: An interferometer simulator
- Classroom activity:  Searching for gravitational waves in noisy data
- Classroom activity:  Extracting astrophysical information from simulated signals
Dale's LIGO-related links for teachers
Spencer Chang: BICEP2: Gravitational waves and Cosmic Inflation    ( pdf, 7 MB)

    Ray Frey, rayfrey (at uoregon.edu),  541-346-5873
    Anne McGinley, annem (at uoregon.edu),  541-346-4898

UO Faculty participants:
    Jim Brau, Spencer Chang, Ray Frey, Robert Schofield

Visiting Presenter:
    Dale Ingram, LIGO Hanford Observatory, ingram_d at ligo-wa.caltech.edu

 QuarkNet staff participant:
    Tom Jordan, jordant at fnal.gov

High school science teacher participants:

    Beth Chruchill (Salem)
    Jeff Garland (South Eugene HS)
    Art Liddle (Springfield HS)
    Sonia Ljungdahl (Springfield HS)
Rob Tinnell (North Salem HS)
Asher Tubman (South Eugene HS)


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