UO QuarkNet Workshop June 26-27, 2017

412 Willamette Hall, University of Oregon

Program Outline, links to talks or related sites:

Mon June 26

Tue June 27

8:30  Gather, coffee, fruit, pastries

9:00Participants: My Projects 2016-17, 2017-18, part I
  • Art Liddle: Bridges ; Rubber-band cars
  • Asher Tubman: U-Tube resources
  • Ron Crawford, Gabe : Cosmic rays/Eclipse

10:30 Jim Brau: The Great Oregon Eclipse [ pdf , 49 MB]
12:00Coffee, fruit, cookies, 412 Willamette Hall 12:00
Lunch, on your own
Ray Frey: LIGO and Gravitational Waves – update, implications, and prospects  [ pdf , 45 MB ] 1:15Participants: My Projects, part II
  • Alicia Ryan: Survival Science
  • Amy Hughes: online ed
  • Ben Wright: HS physics in Queensland, AU
Bryan Rebar: UO STEM-CORE and teacher research resources2:00Scott Fisher: Pine Mt Observatory
PMO Cameras: one  two  three
Spencer Chang: Statistics and Psychology in Science [ pdf , 3 MB]
3:00 Tim Cohen: LHC Science demystified

4:00 Robert Schofield: Ant Lab tour 4:00 Eric Torrence: Why the LHC upgrades?

    Ray Frey, rayfrey (at uoregon.edu),  541-346-5873
    Anne McGinley, annem (at uoregon.edu),  541-346-4898

UO Faculty participants:
    Jim Brau, Spencer Chang, Tim Cohen, Scott Fisher, Ray Frey, Bryan Rebar, Robert Schofield, Eric Torrence

 QuarkNet Volunteer:
    Dave Trapp

High school science teacher participants:

    Ron Crawford (Bend HS)
    Amy Hughes (Springfield Online HS)
    Art Liddle (Springfield HS)
    Alicia Ryan (Cascade HS)

Asher Tubman (South Eugene HS)
    Ben Wright (Brisbane and South Eugene)


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