19th century photograph taken in Nesvizh,
Minsk Province, Russia (now Belarus)

Jacobson from Mir or Nesvizh

back of photo of woman from Mir or Nesvizh, Russia
The back of the photograph, which is mounted on heavy card,
indicates the name of the photographer and his location.
The text is Russian.

Translation*: Photographic Studio of Sh. Kaplun
Neswizh, Minsk Gub.[ernia}
Vilenskaya ul. [street]
d. [house] of Ch Remsal [or Rensal]

(Sh. Kaplun is Shmuil-Zelik Kaplan of Nesvizh)

My grandfather came from Mir, a town about 15 miles from Nesvizh, then part of the Russian empire. In his early teens he and his brother left Mir for Des Moines, Iowa. He never returned to Mir. This photo belonged to him. The name Elsie is written in pencil. His oldest daughter was later named Elsie, perhaps named for the woman in the photograph. (see other photos belonging to him on the Mir, Belarus web site)

Any information about the photo, dating the attire worn by the woman, or the dates that this photographer was in business would be of interest to me.

*Thanks to Steven Lasky for the translation of the back of the photo. Steve's web site, The Museum of Family History includes many old photos such as this one.

updated May 2009