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If you would like to use the Tragedy of the Commons Game for your class, please submit the following request form.  Within a week, you will receive an email response informing you whether your request has been approved along with instructions on how to manage playing of the game by a classroom of 25 students or less.

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Email address: Make sure you give a full email address including name and domain, e.g., username@university.edu - if you don't, the program will NOT work).

Educational Institution at which game will be played (University, High School, etc.):

Please describe below the purposes for which and dates on which you will use the game:


This game was created by:
Ronald Mitchell
Department of Political Science
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97503-1284
Tel: 541-346-4880
Email: rmitchel@uoregon.edu
Web: https://pages.uoregon.edu/rmitchel
? Ronald Mitchell, 1998-2003