PSY 303 - Research Methods (Dr. Hodges)

Fall 1999


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Writing Hints
a list of common problems in writing psychology papers

Go to the library!

Click HERE for a sample debrief/explanation. Your text has a sample consent form on p. 47, but keep in mind that your consent form should contain all the elements we talked about in class.
Click HERE to see a sample consent form from a study conducted at the U of O.

Homework Assignments

Homework 1 due Thur 10/14 | Homework 2 due Tues 10/19 | Homework 3 due Tues 10/28 | Homework 4 due Tues 11/30 |


10/5 click here for one possible set of answers to last Thurday's (9/30) in class assignment.

10/5 & 10/6 All labs meet in the library this week.

10/19 & 10/20 Here's the SPSS Guide you'll receive in lab this week.

10/21 Quiz 2 grades (out of 25 points max)

10/28 The project worksheet is now due no later than Nov. 5, at 4 pm. Please turn these sheets into your GTF. BE SURE TO BRING THESE SHEETS WITH YOU WHEN YOU MEET WITH YOUR GTF NEXT WEEK!

11/4 Quiz 3 grades (out of 25)

11/11 The bonus for turning your HM4 in by 4 pm the Weds before Thanksgiving is 10% of whatever you earn on the assignment. Please note you cannot use your "late bonus" for HM4.

11/28 Test grades

11/29 Here's an example of how to report a correlation:
As predicted, there was a significant negative correlation between the number of hours of football watched over Thanksgiving and the number of hours spent in meaningful conversation over the same weekend, r = -.45, p < .05. The mean number of hours of football watched was 5.3 (s.d. = 1.37) and the mean number of hours spent in meaningful conversation was 2.1 (s.d. = 1.22). A scatter plot of the data can be seen in Figure 1.

12/5 Quiz 4 grades (out of 25)

12/13 Poster grades and final letter grades

Copies of selected overheads

(Please note that this is not intended to provide coverage of everthing covered in class)
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