PSY 456 - Attitudes and Social Behavior (Dr. Hodges)


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556 term paper assignment (graduate students only)


Quiz 1 -- scores out of 50. If your score is missing, you either don't have an ID#, or I didn't have a quiz for you.
Quiz 2 -- scores out of 50. Add 4 points to your score on the web for the curve. If your score is missing and you took the quiz, let me know immediately.
Quiz 3 -- scores out of 50. Hooray for the class! The mean was a B and SEVERAL people made a perfect score. Psych 456/556 S'02 rocks!
Quiz 4 -- scores out of 50. Another impressive performance by the class - the mean was a B; 8 perfect scores.
NEW! Click here for final (letter) grades for the course, term paper grades, term paper editing grades, exam grades (broken down by multiple choice, short answer, essays, and bonus).

Discussion/Review Questions

set 1 (4/3) *|* set 2 (4/10) *|* set 3 (4/15 - Milgram; Neto) *|*

set 4 (4/17 - Aronson Ch. 3) *|* set 5 (4/22 - Han & Shavitt) *|* set 6 (4/24 - Aronson Ch. 4) *|*

set 7 (4/29 - Miller; Dutton & Aron) *|* set 8 (5/1 - Aronson Ch. 5) *|* set 9 (5/6 - Wilson et al.; Baldwin et al.) *|*

set 10 (5/8 - Aronson Ch. 6; Baumeister et al.) *|* set 11 (5/13 - Aronson Ch. 7)

set 12 (5/15 - Fein & Spencer; Word et al.) *|* set 13 (5/20 - Shih et al.) *|* set 14 (5/22 - McRae et al.; Phelps et al.) *|*

set 15 (5/29 - Aronson Ch. 8) *|* set 16 (6/3 - Buss; Harris; Pennebaker) *|*

set 17 (6/5 - Klein & Hodges; Abbey et al.)

Summaries of Articles by Students

Han & Shavitt
Dutton & Aron
Wilson et al.
Baldwin et al.
Bushman et al.
Fein & Spencer
Word et al.
Shih et al.
MacRae et al.
Phelps et al.
Klein & Hodges
Abbey et al.


6/17/02 - Look under "grades" (above) for final grades, term paper grades and exam grades.

6/10/02 - If you turned in your term paper by May 24th, your grade is posted here and is also available outside my office door (331 Straub). Some important notes:
1. The 5 bonus points are not added to your paper grade, but are in a separate column. If you turned in an incomplete first draft (4 pages or less), you didn't get the bonus (the syllabus clearly states that sloppy first drafts will be downgraded).
2. Many of you who turned in papers on the 24th don't yet have editing grades, because the person whose paper you edited ended up not turning in his/her paper on the 24th.
3. If you turned a paper in on or before May 24th and you DON'T see your grade listed here, let me as soon as possible.

6/6/02 - Happy D-Day! Click here to see a summary of quiz, paper, edit, and presentation grades. If there is anything you think is in error, please let me as soon as possible (some of you may have turned in rough drafts that haven't yet been noted; I'll go through those this weekend).

6/3/02 - Click here for a review sheet for the exam.

5/22/02 - Someone asked if the class could see the points breakdown that will be used to grade the term papers -- click here to see them ("Save the World" first; then "Next Chapter").

The quiz on Wednesday will cover Chapter 7; Fein & Spencer; Word et al.; Shih et al.; MacRae et al.; and Phelps et al. (No class Monday because of Memorial Day.)

No office hours on Tuesday 5/29. :-(

5/13/02 - Here's a website to check out -- it will be particular relevant a week from now when we talk about automaticity and stereotypes: IAT web site

5/8/02 - The quiz on Monday (5/13) will cover Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Bushman et al., Baldwin et al., and Wilson et al.

5/6/02 - Lips vs Teeth? The teeth won (as Strack, Martin & Stepper would have predicted), 14 to 10.

4/24/02 - If you haven't been getting class emails. . . Your email address may be wrong in Blackboard. To check it/change it: Go to Blackboard (the web address is If you don't already have an account, click on "create an account" and follow the directions. Once you have an account, click "Student Tools," then click on "Personal Information," then choose "Edit Personal Information," and change your e-mail info. NOTE: Make sure and proofread to be sure you typed it in correctly.

Other links relevant to the course:

More about Milgram:
Recent Psychology Today article about Milgram
Milgram website
More on the Stanford Prison Experiment:
Stanford Prison Experiment Website

Here's a link that was useful to students in another course for writing a term paper in psychology - click here. Please keep in mind the website was designed for a developmental psychology course; however, a lot of the information is still very relevant.

American Psychological Society
American Psychological Association
Society for Judgment and Decision Making
Social Psychology Network
Society of Personality and Social Psychology

Groups for Article Synopsis and Discussion

Abbey et al. (2000)- 6/5
Eric Edmundson
Eugene Harris
Julia Chan
Heather Redfield
Alison Olson
Baldwin et al. (1990) - 5/6
Jennifer Slay
Jos Vaught
Angela Susak
Staci Beauchamp
Justin Simmons
Bushman et al. (1999) - 5/8
Becca Peterson
Emily Hrehocsik
Beau Peterson
Sozha Nash
Mika Kim
Dutton & Aron (1974) - 4/29
Eve Rivinus
Janiece Ojerio
Emily Millhollen
Shizue Sata
Charlie Borzy
Fein & Spencer (1997) - 5/15
Rachel Miller
Sara Scarpelli
Jeffrey Lau
Bob Suhanek
Angela Arnold
Han & Shavitt (1994) - 4/22
Hilary Arakaki
Ricci Lim
Cathy Davidson
Chad Brownson
Mary Larson
Harris (2002) - 6/3
Laurel Stewart
Ted Schwallie
Adam Ashref
Rosy Audette
Mike Rosner
Klein & Hodges (2001) - 6/5
Jim James
Katrina Thompson
Yoshi Fujimoto
Michelle Chin
Donovan Long
Macrae et al. (1994)- 5/22

Amber Gorham
Kim Merrill
Jemine Mode
Nick Boslar
Miller (1984) - 4/29
Heather Rathjen
Amy Tong
Michael Tewksbury
Deborah Warren
Tyler Head
Phelps et al. (2000) - 5/22
Dan Bruton
Garza Wooten
Mac Russell
Johnna Molnar
Tye Lewman
Shih et al. 1999 - 5/20
Robin Eisenbach
Kam Shiroma
Hitomi Nashiwa
Junko Kikuchi
Jenni Guerrero
Wilson et al. (1993) - 5/6
Lorissa Olson
Cara Ray
Amy Biggs
Justin Birge
Jessica Blaumer
Word et al. (1974) - 5/15
John Kliestik
Melanie Langlois
Aimee Wright
Amber Nederhood
Suzanne Strickland