Human Nature Pathway
Information Page 2000-2001

Pathway Leaders: John Lysaker and Scott Pratt
Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon

Our-Selves Course Facilitators

Tuesday, 3:00-3:50, Gilbert 104
Lisa Freinkel
465 PLC, 346-3965
Office hours: **
Tuesday, 5-5:50, PLC 314
John Lysaker
371 PLC, 346-4844
Office hours: **
Tuesday, 3:30 -4:20, Condon 330
Sara Hodges
331 Straub, 346-4919
Office hours: Weds 9:30-11:30
Tuesday, 3-3:50, Chapman 220
Scott Pratt
370 PLC, 346-5549
Office hours: **

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Spring 2001 Pathway Courses

English 240, Native American Literature, Gordon Sayre, MWF 1-1:50 , Course website
English 207, Shakespeare Lisa Freinkel, MWF 9-9:50
English 109, World Literature Olakunle George, MWF 10-10:50
Psy 202, Mind and Society, Sara Hodges, T/Th 11:00-12:20 PLC 180, Course website
Dicussion sections: 1:00-1:50, Tues and 2:00-2:50, Tues

And we'll continue the Ourselves Seminar, Tuesdays afternoons (see your pathway leader's name above to find out what time)

Spring 2001 Ourselves Schedule:

Date Notes Assignment for next week's class  
4/3   Welcome back!   Pick out a comment or passage from the readings in your pathway courses that pertains to human nature
4/17   Similarities and differences across disciplines in approaches to human nature   (no assignment)
5/1   "Who am I?" revisited   Look over any requirements for your major (or majors you are considering)  
5/16   Advising for next term    
5/30   End of term event    

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Winter 2001 Pathway Courses

Phil 213, Eastern Philosophy, Don Levi, 2:00-3:20, T/Th, Gilbert 133
Discussion Sections: 1:00-2:00, Weds, Gray 373 and **

Psy 201, Mind and Brain, Jennifer Freyd, 11:00-12:20, T/Th, PLC 180,
Blackboard website
Additional class website (last year's site - for now)
Dicussion sections: 11:00-12:00, Weds, Straub 159 and Weds, 12:00-1:00, **

And we'll continue the Ourselves Seminar, Tuesdays from 4 - 4:50

Winter 2001 Ourselves Schedule:

Date Notes Assignment for next week's class  
1/9   Welcome back!   Bring in a passage from the reading in your Eastern Philosophy class that addresses the concept of human nature. Given that most of you were raised in a Western culture, it would be particularly interesting if you could find a passage that reflects how human nature may be viewed or discussed differently in Eastern cultures.
1/23   Human nature in Eastern Philosophy   Questions about human nature from Psych 201 (for a version of these questions, click here )
2/6   Human Nature and Psych 201   Start planning your classes for next term -- we will talk about registration next week.  
2/20   Advising for next term    
3/6   Movie & Discussion   ALL sections of Ourselves will meet in Straub 146 at 4:00 pm to watch a movie on March 6. Pizza will be served.  

Fall 2000 Pathway Courses

Phil 170, Love & Sex, Nancy Tuana, Columbia 150, 12:30-1:50
Biol 121, Intro to Human Physiology, V. Pat Lombardi, Willamette 100, 11:00-11:50

Fall 2000 Ourselves Schedule:

Date Notes Assignment for next week's class  
9/26   Introduction to the Pathway   For next week, send your Ourselves section instructor an email message. Go to Rm 151 in Grayson Hall or click here for help opening an email account.
Also, please bring the following to class next week: [A] a trait that makes you who you are, e.g. student (be prepared to explain why that trait is so important to your identity); [B] a trait or memory that you might share with others of your generation; [C] some object or image that represents or expresses who you are. Please avoid objects or images that are either obscene or illegal.
10/3   What does it mean to talk about human nature?   For next week, please select a passage from one of your readings for "Love and Sex" that strikes you as insightful with regard to human nature. We will spend the class discussing these passages, so be prepared to say a word or two about them.  
10/10   Insight into human nature from "Love & Sex"   For next week, please identify something you've learned about: [A] yourself since coming to Oregon, [B] another person here at Oregon, and [C] a group with whom you either live or hang out. And then think about how you came to discover these things. This will allow us to discuss ourselves, the nature of the groups to which we belong, and how one learns about such things.  
10/17   How do we learn about ourselves and groups around us?   Your graded "Love and Sex" papers should have been returned. Think about something you did well, one thing you could have done better (and how), and one thing your not sure how to improve, but would like to improve. Be prepared to discuss these matters with the group.  
10/24   Writing Papers   For next week, consider the following questions. Identify one thing you have learned about the body in each course. What topics pertaining to the body are considered in each course? How are these topics similar? How are they different? What kind of inquiries are pursued in each course, that is, how is the body investigated in each course?  
10/31   How the "body" is represented in "Love and Sex" and "Human Physiology."    
11/7   Advising and how to register for next term    
11/14   Personality inventory   (for 11/28) Consider the following questions for discussion. Do you see your selves differently now that you've been here a quarter? Will others at home, e.g. family and/or friends, see you differently now? Have you acquired any new habits?  
11/21   No class   See 11/14  
11/28   How have we changed?    

The "Ourselves" classes meet in new classrooms Winter term 2001:
Lisa Freinkel - 330 Condon
Sara Hodges - 104 Condon
John Lysaker - 202 Chapman
Scott Pratt - 134 Gilbert