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Students of the Indian Subcontinent at The University of Oregon

The Students of the Indian Subcontinent (SIS) group, a progeny of the Indian Students Association, was formed fall term of 1999. It is the cultural gateway for the people who want to know about the way of life and cultural vistas of the East. With an aim to increase the awareness amongst the students of the cultural aspects of the Indian subcontinent, we host the international coffee hour (which is a weekly event organized by the International Students Association). We have members comprising not only of the students and faculty of the university, but also people from the community in the city of Eugene.

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Students of the Indian Subcontinent at The University of Oregon

Founded in 1999, Students of the Indian Subcontinent was found as a group that helped network South Asian students (including those from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) and to allow them to reconnect with their cultural roots. We began in a small way by organizing pot-luck dinners and socials like Diwali, and movie night. Our annual festival, Utsav, the showcase of cultural activities of SIS, was first organized in 1998. Utsav is organized in late winter to herald the arrival of Spring. SIS has members with origins in the subcontinent who have all converged in Eugene. This diversity has helped in promoting better understanding about the issues that are faced by people living in the subcontinent. SIS is growing from strength to strength all the time, not just in its membership, but also in its activities. We are represented in most of the departments in the university, thus enabling us to reach out to prospective students from all areas of interest.


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