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Supplemental datasets by the Louca lab
Bromeliad microbiomes, Brazil
Data from our study on the taxonomic and functional structure of microbial communities in bromeliad plants, in Jurubatiba National Park, Brazil. 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing
Reference: Louca, S., Jacques, S. M. S., Pires, A. P. F., Leal, J. S., Srivastava, D. S., Parfrey, L. W., Farjalla, V. F., Doebeli, M. (2016). High taxonomic variability despite stable functional structure across microbial communities. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1:0015
OTU composition vs metabolic capabilities
Global Prokaryotic Census (GPC)
A massive composite dataset of bacterial and archaeal 16S amplicon sequences, compiled from ~34,000 samples across 492 studies, covering a multitude of environments worldwide.
Reference: Louca, S., Mazel, F., Doebeli, M., Parfrey, W. L. (2019). A census-based estimate of Earth's bacterial and archaeal diversity. PLOS Biology 17:e3000106
OTUs discovered and predicted by the GPC
Samples on world map
Model congruency in macroevolution
Supporting data and code for our paper on congruence classes in macroevolutionary birth-death models and on pulled diversification rates.
Reference: Louca, S., Pennell, M.W. (2020). Extant timetrees are consistent with a myriad of diversification histories. Nature 580:502-505

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