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Principal investigator
Stilianos Louca, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, Department of Biology
Stilianos studied physics and mathematics at the Friedrich-Schiller University and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, in Germany. He obtained his Ph.D. in mathematical biology at the University of British Columbia, Canada, where he continued as a postdoctoral fellow. Stilianos joined the University of Oregon as an Assistant Professor of Biology in 2019. His research focuses on the ecology and evolution of microorganisms.
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Office: Onyx Bridge 282, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
Undergraduate researchers
Alexandria (Alexa) S. Montgomery
Alexa is an undergraduate biology major with an interest in microbiology and extremophile organisms, particularly the impact of extreme environments on microbial processes. Her particular interests include microbial life in hot springs and methanogenic bacteria. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Alexa intends on pursing a graduate program in astrobiology.
Callum Kuo
Callum is a Junior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Biology. He intends to leverage his business skills and biological acumen to strengthen collaboration between the biological research field and industry, either as a healthcare consultant or hospital administrator. In his free time, Callum enjoys being with friends as well as cooking and driving.
Maria (Masha) Korchagina
Masha graduated with a B.A. in Physical Anthropology and a minor in Molecular Biology from New York University in 2013. As an undergrad researcher, she interned at the Molecular Anthropology Laboratory, where she used techniques of molecular analysis to study primate phylogenetics. Currently, she is researching the coevolution and diversification of prokaryotic genes at the Louca lab, and has a hand in several projects at the McGuire lab. She is enrolled in post bacc studies, with hopes of continuing on to a graduate program in bioinformatics.
Nathan Malamud
Nathan is an undergraduate student majoring in MACS (Math and Computer Science) with a minor in biology. His research interests lie at the intersection of chemical oceanography and scientific data visualization. In the Louca lab, he is researching how microbially catalyzed reactions can determine the long-term behavior of a geochemical system. Outside of school, he is an avid keyboard and guitar player and loves to kayak and hike whenever he can.
Sage E. Albright
Sage obtained his honors in math and biology at the UO. He has a particular interest in probability and combinatorics. He is working with collections of metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) in the Louca lab and towards quantifying the extent of culturing biases in prokaryotic taxonomies.
Thorin Haussecker
Thorin is a biology major at the University of Oregon, with interests in chemistry and environmental science. Outside of school, Thorin is an avid outdoorsman who has topped The Breithorn, Mt. Blanc, and most recently Mt. Whitney.
Gabriel Pedersen (undergraduate researcher, 2020)
Allen Williamson (undergraduate researcher, 2020)
Claire Lewis (undergraduate researcher, 2020)
Caitlin Smith (PhD rotation, 2020)
Rachel Lisle (undergraduate researcher, 2020)
David Hugel (undergraduate researcher, 2020)
Daniel Sullivan (undergraduate researcher, 2020)
James Carr (undergraduate researcher, 2019)
Crysta Winter (undergraduate researcher, 2019)
Marissa Gutierrez (undergraduate researcher, 2019)

Louca lab. Department of Biology, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
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