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About Us

Our primary strengths are in gender, political and economic sociology, and the sociology of the environment. Each year more than 7,000 students enroll in approximately 80 courses offered by the Department of Sociology. The department has about 50 Ph.D. students and 700 undergraduate majors.


Our faculty also include specialists in the areas of gender, political economy, environment, criminology, demography, education, organizations, race & ethnicity, religion, stratification, work & occupations.

Our faculty are affiliated with a wide variety of other university programs, including the Ethnic Studies Department, Women's and Gender Studies Department, International Studies DepartmentCenter for the Study of Women in Society, Center on Diversity and Community, Environmental Studies, and Planning, Public Policy and Management .



Sociology News

* On Tuesday, April 1, the University of Oregon Libraries will recognize the 30th anniversary of the Rajneeshpuram controversy that rocked Oregon in 1984. Included in the day’s events is a panel discussion featuring UO President Emeritus Dave Frohnmayer, UO Sociology Professor Emeritus Marion Goldman, and Professor Emeritus Roshani Shay, from Western Oregon University, which will offer insights into the lasting effect that Rajneeshpuram and its inhabitants had on our region. More details are available here.

* Our faculty, graduate students, and alumni swept all the ASA Environment and Technology Section awards for this year. The Allan Schnaiberg Outstanding Publication Award went to John Foster and 2012 PhD Hannah Holleman for their recent article in the American Journal of Sociology. The Marvin E. Olsen Student Paper award went to Matthew Clement. Finally, 2010 PHD Shannon Bell won both the Outreach and Practice Award and the Boguslaw Award. 

* Professor Eileen Otis's book, Markets and Bodies: Women, Service Work, and the Making of Inequality in China, has just won the American Sociological Association Sex & Gender Section's Distinguished Book Award

* Professor Kari Norgaard has won the University of Oregon's 2013 Excellence Award for Outstanding Mentorship in Graduate Studies.


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