Physics of Vaudeville!
Newmark Theater, July 20, 2010: Portland, Oregon

Photos by Dean Baird

Stanley Micklavzina, Dept. of Physics, University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon, USA

The AAPT Summer national meeting Demo Show for 2010 was a special event that was put together by Stanley Micklavzina from the University of Oregon and Rhys Thmas of Jugglemania The show was sponsored by Vernier Software and included a laser show that was supported by the APS Lasefest project.

Featured Performers include Jugglemania’s Rhys Thomas, aerialist Kyoko Uchida, and balance performer Brittany Walsh from Circus Artemis, music by Shoehorn, also acts by Curtis Carlyle, Rob Brown, and a laser show from Laseronics.  Special thanks to the AAPT and The University of Oregon Dept. of Physics.  

You can view the resulting show by going to one of the links below. We hope the idea displayed in this show promotes even more creative ways on displaying the beauty of science to the general public.

Many thanks to all the performers and especially Vernier Software for making it possible.

The Physics of Vaudeville: University of Oregon Web Channel

or go to the Vernier Website:

A trailer of the show can be seen here.

Photo by Dean Baird