Terry McQuilkin


Orchestra and Band

Perceval's Triumph, band, 2000
Prem. April 6, 2000, Forest Grove, Ore. (Forest Grove Wind Ensemble, cond. D. Chartrey)

An Irish Air, string orchestra, 1999 (publ. Neil A. Kjos Music, 2001)

Viola Concerto, 1995
Prem. Feb. 11, 1996, Whittier, Calif. (Rio Hondo Symphony, cond. W. Reinecke, D. Thomason, violist)

Salisbury Overture, string orchestra, 1993 (publ. Neil A. Kjos Music, 1994)

Out of Chaos, concert band, 1993
Prem. June 8, 1993, Eugene (Roosevelt Middle School Band, cond. R. Wolfgang)

An English Folksong, string orchestra, 1988 (publ. Neil A. Kjos Music, 1992)

The Rolling of the Stones, band, 1988, rev. 1992
Prem. April, 1988, Los Angeles (Robert A. Millikan Jr. High School Band, cond. composer);
rev. (1992) version: May 29, 1992, Eugene (Univ. of Oregon Campus Band, cond. G. Gilroy)

Suite for Winds, band, 1976-77
Prem. March 25, 1977, Los Angeles (Univ. So. Calif. student ensemble, cond. composer)

Arrangements of works by other composers

Granados, Enrique, Tres Valses Poťticos, string orchestra
(publ. Neil A. Kjos Music, 2000)

Praetorius, Michael, Terpsichore Dances, string orchestra

Elgar, Edward, Pomp and Circumstance, band (elementary)


She Walks in Beauty, women's chorus and piano, 1992
Prem. April 1992, Downingtown, Penn. (Downingtown Sr. High Women's Chorus,
cond. C. Moll).

Maxims and Postulates, SATB chorus and piano, 1991
Prem. May 5, 1992, Eugene (student ens., cond. D. Davenport)
Other perf: June 2, Oct. 27 and 29, 1992, Eugene (University Singers, cond. R. Clark)

The Seasons of Erin, women's chorus, piano, 1984 (publ. Southern Music, 1989)
Prem. May 26, 1984, Ithaca (Cornell Glee Club, cond. B. Adams)

Make a Joyful Noise, SATB chorus and piano, 1978
Prem. May 13, 1979, Los Angeles (cond. composer)

In the Year that King Uziah Died, SATB chorus and piano, 1978
Prem. May 13, 1979, Los Angeles (cond. composer)

Hear my Cry, SATB chorus, 1978
Prem. May 13, 1979, Los Angeles (cond. composer)


Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly, (tune: Nettleton), SATB chorus, piano

NoŽl Nouvelet, (French Carol), SATB w. opt. instruments

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly, (Polish carol), SATB chorus, piano

Chorus with Orchestra

The Color of Memory, mixed chorus and symphony orchestra, 1996
Prem. June 1, 1996, Downingtown, PA (Downingtown Sr. High School
combined choruses and orchestra, cond. composer)

Chorus with Brass Ensemble-arrangements

Songs of the Civil War, unison and 2-pt. chorus with brass quintet
Prem. Feb., 1998, Roseburg, Ore. (Comb. choruses, Roseburg Schools
and Umpqua Comm. Coll., Skyline Brass, G. Cannady, cond.)

Chamber Music

McKenzie Fanfare, saxophone choir or sextet, 2007
Prem. Oct 2007 (I. Shner, cond.)

Stygian Boat Ride and Dance, flute, harp, 2005
Prem. Oct. 2005, Eugene (N. Andrew, L. Zaerr)

3 for 4 (Pieces for Bassoons), bassoon quartet, 2004
Prem. Mar, 2004, Eugene

Fantasia on a Jacobite Song, cello and harpsichord, 1993
Prem. Nov. 30, 1993, Eugene (J. Cosart, A. D. McLucas)

Three Chorale Intradas, brass quintet, 1992
Prem. Feb. 7, 1993, Eugene (Bohemian Brass)

Suite for clarinet, violin, and piano, 1991-92
Prem. Feb. 23, 1993 (T. McQuilkin, S. Ettinger, B. Hodgetts)

Circles, 16 clarinets, 1991
Prem. Nov. 25, 1991, Eugene (Oregon Clarinet Ensemble, M. Anderson cond.)

String Quartet, 1991
Prem. Nov. 11, 1992, Eugene (A. Patty, S. Gianos, A. Lesch, R. Davis)

Quintet for Winds, 1990-91
Prem. March 3, 1991, Eugene (D. Parrish, A. Morton, A. Nelson, K. Isenberg, Y. Yang)

Suite for Thirteen Winds, (2 fl., 2 ob., 2 cl., bs. cl., 2 bsn., 4 hn.), 1979
Prem. May 13, 1979, Los Angeles (J. Shintani cond.)

Trio, clarinet, cello, piano, 1978
Prem. May 13, 1979, Los Angeles (R. Page, K. Patch, R. Jackman)

Five Pieces for Solo Clarinet, 1976
Prem. May 10, 1976, Los Angeles (J. Stanley)

Sonata, trumpet, piano, 1975
Prem. Feb. 4, 1976, Los Angeles (A. Olson, B. Weinberg)

Arrangements of works by other composers

Granados, Enrique, Oriental, (from Spanish Dances), flute sextet

Praetorius, Michael, Tersichore Dances,, clarinet quartet

Gabrieli, Andrea, Ricercar in Mode 12,, string quartet

Piano Solo

Nocturne, piano solo, 1993
Prem. April 27, 1993, Eugene (Ellen Gonzalez)

Sonatina, piano, 1991
Prem. Jan. 16, 1992, Eugene (Ellen Gonzalez)

Ca' the Yowes (Variations for Piano), 1991
Prem. May 8, 1991, Eugene (Yu-Ling Wang)

Piano 4 hands

Legacies (Fantasy Suite), 2006
(Commissioned by the Oregon Music Teachers Association
Prem. July 13, 2006 (M. Littlehales, E. McQuilkin)

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