Meeting of the University Senate

Wednesday November 10, 2004

207 Chapman, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.




Call to Order


3:05     1. Approval of the minutes from the Oct 13, 2004 meetings



3:05     2. Introduction of Student Senators



3:10     3. State of the University


3:10                 3.1 Remarks from member of the Administration


3:25                 3.2 Report from Interinstitutional Faculty Senate on OUS activities

 -- IFS Senator Nathan Tublitz


3:35                 3.3 Remarks regarding faculty oversight of Athletic Department

      compliance with NCAA regulations – James O’Fallon, NCAA

      Faculty Athletics Representative for the University of Oregon



3:50     4. Announcements and Communications from the floor



3:55     5. Unfinished Business


4:00                 5.1 Motion US03/04-10 -- Enable the Assembly to Convene with Full

      Legislative Authority - submitted by Frank Stahl, Biology. See also

      the Proposed substitute motion – prepared by Senate Ad Hoc

      Committee on the Assembly Motion



4:20     6. New Business


4:25                 6.1 Nomination and election of one Senator and one alternate Senator

      for Interinstitutional Faculty Senate


4:30                 6.2 Motion US04/05-1 regarding the handling of incomplete grades

      sponsored by Undergraduate Council (Ronald N Severson, Chair)



5:00 Adjournment


Please note: times listed are approximate. For information regarding the University Senate's agendas, minutes, committees, and other matters, please visit the Senate Web Page,. Meetings are open to all members of the university community and the public. 


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