US01/02-8 creates a "University Standing Committee on the Status of nontenure-track instructional faculty ( NTTIF)". Subsequently the name has been changed to the Committee on non-tenure track faculty (NTTF) -- see committee web page.

Subject: Re: Name change of NTTIF committee to NTTF committee

To: Peter Gilkey

From: Russ Tomlin

Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 15:18:32 -0700


As noted in the attached document, the appointments of NTTF at the UO include both NTTF appointed as Officers of Instruction and as Officers of Research. The latter generally do not have instructional duties, yet the conditions of their appointment also merited consideration as we looked at NTTF issues at the UO. When we began work on these issues in the implementation group put together by Academic Affairs, we chose, and our Senate NTTIF colleagues I believe did the same, to focus on all NTTF appointments, both research and instructional, hence NTTF.

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