Subject: please post these on the committee website
To: "Peter B Gilkey"
From: Bill Harbaugh
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 14:28:55 +0100

Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch with me. I'm working at a lab in Italy until April, so I'll miss this meeting, but I appreciate the opportunity to have some input.

I thought the whole COI-C process was an excellent example of a constructive faculty response to some whacked ideas from the administration. John and Alec's efforts in particular were really productive. I have nothing to add to their demonstrations of the lack of correlation between the law and regulations and the proposed UO policy, and I'm confident that whatever is approved by this committee will be acceptable in that regard.

My own concern is that the policy be implemented fairly - by which I mean applied to everyone in the same way. I have documented the fact that OIED VP Martinez has been allowed to violate the existing policy for more than three years now, to the tune of between $250,000 and $400,000 dollars, depending on how you count it. The administration - particularly Melinda Grier - was *so* not forthcoming about this information - I had to make 4 separate petitions to the Attorney General to force her to provide it.

In response to a series of emails explaining the situation and documenting this overcommitment, Provost Bean has recently told me that "I am aware of the situation and it is well managed". But there is no evidence anything has actually been done - Martinez still has two jobs, and still seems to be collecting two paychecks - and Provost Bean won't respond to my requests for clarification as to what, exactly, he means by "well managed".

In short, the faculty is being asked to rely on the administration's promises to police itself, with no checks or balances and no willingness to explain how they are dealing with documented abuses. Meanwhile, we have to fill out forms take oaths, and so on. This is despite the evidence that their own problems are as least as serious as any that have been reported for the faculty.

I'd appreciate it if you could read this into the record at the meeting, and ask Provost Bean or his representative the following: