US09/10-14 - regarding the Pacifica Forum

Sponsored by:     Bob Bussel, Labor Education and Research Center
                             Margie Paris, School of Law

For Senate Action:    March 10, 2010

Motion: The University Senate denounces in the strongest possible terms the hateful speech that is frequently expressed at the Pacifica Forum and deplores the pseudo-debates that Pacifica Forum portrays as serious intellectual inquiry, and the University Senate will publicize this stand widely throughout the University community.

Background: The University of Oregon is a community of scholars and other stakeholders dedicated to the highest standards of academic inquiry and to helping students learn to question critically, think logically, and live ethically.  Additionally, the University of Oregon is committed to the principles of freedom of speech, equality of opportunity, and freedom from unfair discrimination, embraces the rich dimensions of diversity within our community, and affirms the individual dignity and worth of every person; and wishes to foster a welcoming and inspiring environment for all. 

The Pacifica Forum, an outside group that meets on the UO campus, has become a vehicle for the expression of views that are wholly antithetical to the university’s commitments to critical inquiry, equal treatment, diversity, individual worth, and fostering a welcoming environment. 

The Southern Policy Law Center, a respected advocate of tolerance, equal treatment, and civil rights, has designated the Pacifica Forum as a “hate group” that condones speech and expression which denigrate members of our community on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religious faith, and sexual orientation;

See letter from Margie Paris (Law) and Bob Bussel (Labor and Education Research Center) to UO Senators re resolution concerning Pacifica Forum

Fiscal Impact: There is no direct fiscal impact of this resolution to the University of Oregon.

Legislative History: Passed at the 10 March 2010 UO Senate meeting.
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