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Officer Profiles, 2016-17

Current Officers

Kimberly Jones -- President
Kimberly Jones Kimberly is a fourth year graduate student in the Institute of Molecular Biology and a member of the Prehoda Lab. She uses fruit flies to study the regulation of cellular polarity, which is a key cellular process underlying tissue architecture and stem cell fate choices. She can often be found with a coffee in hand and enjoys spending time outside of lab hanging out with friends and family and catching up on her (non-research) reading.


Kate Walsh -- Vice President, Social Chair
Kate Walsh Kate is a fifth year graduate student in the Institute of Molecular Biology, and a member of the Doe lab. She studies the formation and first divisions of a population of brain stem cells very early in development of the fruit fly central brain. Outside of lab, she enjoys non-science reading, camping, live music, and a good cup of coffee.


Annie Greenaway -- Treasurer, JUMP Co-chair
Annie Greenaway Annie Greenaway is a fifth-year graduate student of chemistry working in the Boettcher lab. Her research focuses on alternative deposition methods for high-quality semiconductors for photovoltaics. Having previously served as the WGS Graduate School Advisory Board Chair in the 2015-2016 school year, Annie is excited about the opportunities and challenges of the Treasurer position. Outside of lab, Annie enjoys spending time with her husband, her cats, and a good book (or an entire series on Netflix).


Andrea Steiger -- Seminar Chair
Andrea Steiger Andrea Steiger is a third year chemistry graduate student in the Pluth Lab who spends most of her days making controlled-release hydrogen sulfide donors. In her free time, she can be found running, eating candy, and playing with her cat, all after she finishes her second cup of coffee.


Lisa Eytel -- Outreach Co-Chair
Lisa Eytel Lisa is a third year chemistry graduate student working on a collaborative project between the DWJ and Haley labs. She is investigating cooperativity in supramolecular probes for anion sensing. If you want to start a non-science based conversation with Lisa, ask her about her beloved Seattle Reign FC or USWNT teams. You might find Lisa skating under the name Abby WHAMblock at Emerald City Roller Derby bouts or on the slopes at Willamette Pass as a ski patroller. She prefers conversations over coffee, chocolate, or cider but can also be found chatting on ski lifts in the Cascades during the winter.


Loni Kringle -- Outreach Co-Chair
Loni Kringle Loni Kringle is a fifth-year chemistry graduate student working in the Marcus lab. Her research focuses on shooting lasers at chromophores to study the local conformations and ultrafast dynamics of vibronically coupled systems. Outside of lab Loni can be found hiking, playing soccer, or reading a good book.


Lisa Enman -- Public and Alumni Relations Chair
Lisa Enman Lisa Enman is a fourth year chemistry graduate student in Shannon Boettcher's lab. Her research is focused on heterogeneous catalysts for the water oxidation reaction, which limits the efficiency of hydrogen production via water electrolysis. When not working in the lab, she enjoys hiking, playing softball, watching football, and thrift shopping.


Kathryn Chamberlain -- Funding Chair
Kathryn Chamberlain Kathryn Chamberlain is from Grand Rapids Michigan with undergraduate degrees in music performance and chemistry from Butler University. She is a second year graduate student in the DeRose lab, and her research focuses on synthesizing and studying chemotherapeutic platinum derivatives and their in vivo and in vitro binding. She enjoys playing on the UO chemistry soccer team, cooking, and playing her bassoon.


Madison Myers -- Graduate School Liaison
Madison Myers Madison Myers is a fifth year graduate student in the Department of Earth Sciences working with Dr. Paul Wallace. Her research uses geochemistry and volatile concentrations of the initial products from supereruptions (e.g. Yellowstone) to understand the timescales and processes that lead up to the catastrophic eruption. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in the cascades, biking around Eugene, drinking microbrews with friends, reading, and crossword puzzles.


Amanda Steinhebel -- Webmaster
Amanda Steinhebel Amanda Steinhebel is a second year physics graduate student working with Jim Brau in the Center for High Energy Physics. Her current research with the International Linear Collider (ILC) collaboration involves conducting research and development for a future particle detector within the proposed collider. Outside of the lab and away from the computer, Amanda enjoys cooking, sipping large cups of coffee, and pondering the secrets of the universe.


Michelle Sconce -- Recorder Chair
Michelle Sconce Michelle Sconce is a second year biology graduate student in the Guillemin Lab. Her research focuses on how microbial-secreted biomolecules impact host development, specifically within beta cells. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, and watching football.


Stacey York -- Professional Development Advisor
Stacey York Dr. Stacey York currently serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Graduate Internship Program at UO where she is able to combine two of her passions, technology and relationship management. Prior to her position with UO, Stacey was a Principal Scientist investigating novel polymers and surfactants for the Skin Care Innovations Platform at Johnson & Johnson. Stacey's graduate research resulted in over 600 citations and her time at J&J led to an issued patent, a patent application, and 3 internal awards for leadership. Stacey spends her free time with her husband Adam (who is also a polymer chemist) and 3-year old daughter who is already showing a strong affinity for numbers, problem solving, and negotiation.



Our Bylaws, including a description of the offices and respective responsibilities, can be viewed here or downloaded below:

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2015-16 Officers

Kara Nell -- President

Matthew Hammers -- Treasurer

Sarah Casper -- Social Chair

Kimberly Jones -- Seminar Chair

Lisa Eytel -- Outreach Co-Chair

Kate Walsh -- Outreach Co-Chair

Andrea Steiger -- Public Relations Chair

Annie Greenaway -- Grad Student Advisory Board Chair

Brandon Schabes -- Webmaster

Blake Tresca -- Recorder Chair

2014-15 Officers

Kate Karfilis -- President

Leticia Montoya -- Treasurer

Fern Bosada -- Social Chair

Laura McWilliams -- Seminar Chair

Kara Nell -- Outreach Co-Chair

Sarah Casper -- Outreach Co-Chair

Kimberly Jones -- Public Relations Chair

Matthew Hammers -- Funding Chair

Brandon Schabes -- Webmaster

Hillary Henthorn -- Recorder Chair

2013-14 Officers

Kate Karfilis -- President

Leticia Montoya -- Treasurer

Fern Bosada -- Fundraiser

Jackie McGrath -- Outreach Co-Chair

Kara Sherman -- Outreach Co-Chair

Ruth Siboni -- Public Relations Chair

Brandi Baldock -- Webmaster

Laura McWilliams -- Recorder Chair

Brynn Simek -- Social Chair

2012-13 Officers

Michelle Watt -- President

Emma Downs -- Seminar Chair

Kat McCormick -- Treasurer

Leticia Montoya -- Fundraiser

Jackie McGrath -- Outreach Co-Chair

Kara Sherman -- Outreach Co-Chair

Sam Sommer -- Public Relations Chair

Lara Letaw -- Webmaster

Laura McWilliams -- Recorder Chair

Kate Karfilis -- Social Chair

2011-12 Officers

Chantal Balesdent -- President

Jennifer Hoy -- Public Relations Chair

Lara Letaw -- Webmaster

Michelle Watt -- Social Chair

Kat McCormick -- Outreach Chair

Lena Trotochaud -- Funding Chair

Emma Downs -- Treasurer

Sarah Brady -- Seminar Chair

Ellen Robertson -- Recorder Chair