Katya's treatment plan

No long-term cure is known for diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas. Several experimental therapies that are curently being tested on clinical trials have not yet shown any promising results. Despite all this, Katya's relatives, friends and doctors are determined to explore all available options to try to come up with a plan which would leave Katya a chance of survival.

Our general intention is to use a combination of different modes of treatment targeting as many as possible cell signaling pathways essential for tumor growth. In the recent years many drugs capable of affecting these pathways have been developed and are currently available on the market or on clinical trials.

Here is Katya's current regimen (Last updated 10/14/2006 )

(Drugs with names written in italics are currently not administered.)

Targeted small molecular and antibody-type inhibitors

These are low-toxicity chemotherapy agents, also known as biological or enzyme therapy.

Other Drugs

Herbal Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment

Supplements and Vitamins


Katya has low sugar, high fiber, whole grain, mostly organic diet.   (Untill the beginning of December she was dairy and gluten free and used red rice bread and goat milk products.)

Osteopathic Treatment

One time per week.

Physical therapy

One time per week (since 10/24/05)