Math 458 SPRING 2015, Homework


We use SECOND EDITION of the book for numeration of problems.

You may submit only answers to computational problems. For other problems you have to write a complete (and preferably short) proof.

Please DO NOT submit solutions to the optional problems. But you can start writing solutions into a file or a paper. Everyone who will submit correct solutions of 10 optional problems in the end of the class will get extra credit points.

  • Due on Fri, April 10: 1.7,1.8,1.9,1.10,1.11 (parts (a) and (b) only),1.17,1.18,1.19,1.21,1.26; Optional problems: 1.4 (any part),1.5,1.12,1.20,1.22.
  • Due on Fri, April 17, extended until Monday, April 20: 1.32,1.34 (parts (a), (b), (c), (d)),1.35, 1.36 (parts (a), (b), (c)),1.38,1.43 (parts (a), (b)),1.46 (parts (a), (b), (c)),2.3,2.4,2.5; Optional problems: 1.34 part (e), 1.43 (parts (c), (d)),1.50. Solutions to theoretical problems in Homework 2.
  • Due on Fri, April 24, extended until Mon, April 27: 2.6,2.8,2.17 (part (a)),2.18 (parts (a) and (b)),2.21. Optional problems: 2.24,2.25.
  • Due on Mon, May 4: 2.23 (part (a)),2.26,2.28 (part (a)),3.1 (part (a)),3.2. Optional problems: 2.27,2.28 (part (d)),3.1 (part (e)),3.4. Solutions to theoretical problems in Homework 4.
  • Due on Mon, May 11: 3.7,3.9 (part (a)),3.10 (parts (a) and (b)),3.14 (parts (a) and (b)), 3.15 (part (b)). Optional problems: 3.5,3.6,3.10 (part (d)),3.13,3.14 (parts (d) and (e)),3.15 (part (f)).
  • Due on Mon, May 18: 3.22 (part (a)),3.23 (parts (c) and (d)),3.26 (parts (a) and (b)),3.29,3.37. Optional problems: 3.22 (part (c)),3.23 (part (e)),3.26 (parts (d)),3.30,3.36.
  • Due on Mon, May 25 Wed, May 27 Fri, May 29: 3.39 (parts (a) and (b)(i)),3.42 (parts (a) and (b)),2.34 (parts (a),(b) and (d)),2.35,2.37. Optional problems: 3.41,3.42 (part (c)),2.29,2.30,2.36,2.39,2.41.
  • Due on Fri, June 5: 6.1 (part (a)),6.2 (part (b)),6.5 (part (a)),6.7 (part (b)),6.8 Optional problems: 6.1 (parts (b) and (c)), 6.3, 6.6 (any part),6.11 (part (a)),6.14,6.21.