Weiyong HE

Email: whe@uoregon.edu
Department of Mathematics
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR, 97403
Tel: 1-541-346-4720

Research: Differential Geometry, Geometric analysis and Partial differential equations.
  • Riemannian geometry, Complex geometry (canonical metrics in Kahler and Sasaki geometry) and Almost complex geometry.

  • Geometric evolution equations, the Calabi flow.

  • Nonlinear partial differential equations, complex Monge-Ampere equation.

  • Curriculum Vitae:

    Curriculum Vitae


    Current teaching:

    Colloquium/Seminar Schedule:

  • Colloquium
  • Geometric analysis seminar

  • Teaching experience:

  • University of Oregon: Math 251 (Calculus), 2009 Fall.
  • Univ. of British Columbia: 2007 Fall---2009 Spring, Math 100 (Calculus I), Math 221 (Matrix Algebra), Math 104 (Calculus I), Math 105 (Calculus II).
  • Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison: 2004 Fall---2007 Spring, Teaching Assistant. Calculus, Matrix Algebra, Partial Differential Equation etc.