2016 Summer REU Programs in Mathematics            
Institution Site URL City State Due Date Start Date End Date Research Topics/Keywords
Arizona State University http://mtbi.asu.edu/ Tempe AZ 3/30/16 6/8/16 7/30/16 applied mathematics, mathematical biology
Auburn University http://www.dms.auburn.edu/~jendaov/2015reu.htm Auburn AL 2/15/16 6/5/16 7/29/16 algebra, discrete mathematics
Boise State University http://math.boisestate.edu/reu/ Boise ID 3/1/16 5/29/16 7/30/16 Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Combinatorics, Group Theory, Game Theory, Complexity, Cryptography, Computability Theory, Genomics, Genetics.
Brown University http://www.dam.brown.edu/people/sandsted/rtg/opportunities.php Providence RI 2/15/16 6/20/16 8/12/16 Applied Mathematics; Integrating Dynamics and Stochastics
Cal State Channel Islands http://faculty.csuci.edu/cynthia.wyels/REU/index.html Camarillo CA NA     next offered in 2017:analysis, linear algebra, applied math, algebra, combinatorics
Cal State Chico http://www.csuchico.edu/math/REUT.shtml Chico CA NA     knot theory, modeling, number theory, algebra, and statistics
Cal State Fresno http://www.fresnostate.edu/csm/math/summer-programs/reu/index.htm Fresno CA 3/1/16 6/1/16 7/22/16 Time series analysis, Bayesian analysis, multiplier sequences
Cal State San Bernadino http://www.math.csusb.edu/reu San Bernardino CA 2/17/16 6/27/16 8/19/16 differential geometry, knot theory
Clarkson University http://people.clarkson.edu/~tino/reu.html   NY 2/15/16 6/6/16 7/29/16 Algebraic Graph Theory, Spatial Graph Theory, Analysis, Algebra
Clemson University http://citi.clemson.edu/viz/reu/ Clemson SC 3/30/16 6/6/16 7/29/16 collaborative data, visualization
DIMACS at Rutgers http://reu.dimacs.rutgers.edu Piscataway NJ 1/31/16 5/31/16 7/29/16 Computer science; combinatorics; computational sciences; bioinformatics; data science; security applications
Dordt College http://www.dordt.edu/academics/programs/math/statgen/ Sioux Center IA 1/31/16 6/6/16 7/29/16 biostatistics, statistical genetics
Eastern Tennessee State University http://www.etsu.edu/cas/math/activities/reu.php Johnson City TN 2/26/16 6/6/16 8/5/16 Mathematical Sciences, Combinatorics, Probability, Statistics, Number Theory
Emory University http://www.mathcs.emory.edu/~ono/REUs/ Atlanta GA 2/15/16 6/1/16 7/12/16 number theory
Fairfield University http://www.fairfield.edu/reu Fairfield CT 3/4/16 5/30/16 7/22/16 Algebraic Number Theory, Group Theory, Analysis of Wind-Driven Ocean Gyres, Dynamical Systems, Hyperbolic Geometry, Low-dimensional Topology, Combinatorial Quantum Group Theory, Control Theory
Florida Institute of Technology http://my.fit.edu/~abdulla/reu/ Melbourne FL 2/28/16 6/1/16 7/27/16 Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Free Boundary Problems and Optimal Control, Dynamical Systems and Chaos Theory
Florida Institute of Technology http://research.fit.edu/reu-biomath/ Melbourne FL 3/15/16 5/23/16 7/29/16 Ecology, Evolution, Cell and Molecular Biology, Data Mining, Applied Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Biomathematics, Mathematical modeling, Developmental Biology
Fresno State University http://www.fresnostate.edu/csm/math/summer-programs/reu/index.html Fresno CA 3/1/16 6/1/16 7/22/16 Mathematics, statistics.  Subfields: complex analysis and zeros of analytic functions, combinatorial knot theory, combinatorics and discrete geometry, survival analysis and statistical modeling.
Grand Valley State University http://www.gvsu.edu/mathreu/ Allendale MI 2/19/16 6/12/16 8/7/16 Equal Circle Packing, Voting Theory, rook Polynomials, Computerized and Combinatorial Proof Techniques, Wavelets, Hausdorff Metric Geometry, and Probaibilistic Methods in Engineering and the Sciences
Harvard University http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/biostatistics/diversity/summer-program/ Cambridge MA 2/1/16 6/12/16 7/23/16 Biostatistics and Computational Biology
Illinois State University https://about.illinoisstate.edu/reu/pages/default.aspx Normal IL 2/19/16 6/6/16 7/29/16 Discrete Mathematics
Indiana University Bloomington http://www.math.indiana.edu/reu/ Bloomington IN NA      Geometry (differential, coarse, Euclidean), dynamical systems (ODE, complex analytic, billiards), topology, logic, analysis, combinatorics, group theory, mathematical biology.
Kansas State University http://www.math.ksu.edu/reu/sumar/index.html Manhattan KA ˜ 3/1/16 5/31/16 7/26/16 Number theory, Analysis, PDEs, Quantum Computing, and Mathematical Modeling
Kent State University http://www.math.kent.edu/~soprunova/reu/index.html Kent OH NA 6/8/16 7/31/16 Ring Theory, Lie algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Coding Theory, Number Theory, Theory of Convex Bodies, and Operator Theory
Louisiana State University http://www.math.lsu.edu/reu/ Baton Rouge LA NA     number theory, algebraic geometry, topology
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Up Program http://www.msri.org/up Berkeley CA       Sandpile Groups, a topic at the intersection of group theory, combinatorics, linear algebra and algebraic geometry.
Mathematics Assn of America http://www.maa.org/programs/faculty-and-departments/underrepresented-groups/nreup Washington DC       Multiple (varies by campus)
North Carolina State University http://www.math.ncsu.edu/REU/index.php Raleigh NC       Modeling, Industrial Applied Mathematics
Ohio State University Math Bio Institute  http://mbi.osu.edu/education/summer-undergraduate-program/ Columbus OH 1/31/16 6/13/16 8/5/16 Mathematical biology
Ohio Wesleyan University https://www.owu.edu/academics/reu/ Delaware OH 2/29/16 5/16/16 7/21/16 Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics/Statistics/Neuroscience  and Physics
Oregon State University http://www.math.oregonstate.edu/~math_reu/index.html Corvallis OR 2/24/16 6/20/16 8/12/16 Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, including Number Theory, Probability, and Algorithms
Penn State University http://www.math.psu.edu/mass/ University Park PA 4/10/16     Algebra, Analysis, Geometry
Rochester Institute of Mathematics http://people.rit.edu/~dansma/index_files/NSFREU.htm Rochester NY 3/1/16 6/6/16 7/29/16 Graph Theory, Dynamical Systems
Sam Houston State University http://www.shsu.edu/academics/mathematics-and-statistics/research-experiences-for-undergraduates/index.html Huntsville TX 2/26/16 6/1/16 7/29/16 Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Topology, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Mathematical Biology, Statistics
San Diego State University http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/math-reu/index.html San Diego CA NA  6/20/16 8/12/16 number theory, game theory, combinatorics, and algebra
Seattle University http://www.seattleu.edu/scieng/math/reu/ Seattle WA                 NA 6/20/16 8/12/16 Combinatorics, Knot Theory, Geometry
South Dakota State University http://www.sdstate.edu/mathstat/reu/ Brookings SD                 NA     mathematics and statistics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering
Texas A & M University http://www.math.tamu.edu/undergraduate/research/REU/ College Station TX 2/15/16 5/31/16 7/22/16 Mathematical Sciences and its Applications
Texas A & M University http://www.math.tamu.edu/REU/ College Station TX 2/15/16 5/31/16 7/22/16 1st Program involves math bio with emphasis on applications to complex ecosystems, infectious and other diseases. 2nd: theory and application of wavelets. 3rd: comp algebra and algebraic geometry.
University California Merced http://appliedmath.ucmerced.edu/summer-research Merced CA 3/15/16 6/6/16 8/5/16 Mathematical Sciences (Modeling and Data-Enabled Sciences)
University California Santa Barbara http://www.math.ucsb.edu/REU Santa Barbara CA 2/10/16 6/5/16 8/11/16 Mathematics
University of Chicago http://math.uchicago.edu/~may/REU2016/ Chicago IL 2/19/16 6/20/16 8/12/16 Geometry, topology, number theory, discrete mathematics, probability,

analysis, logic, etc.  Participants write papers on topics they choose themselves, with guidance from mentors.
University Connecticut http://www.mathreu.uconn.edu Storrs CT       Mathematics (theoretical/applied/computational/education).
University Connecticut Health http://cqm.uchc.edu/biomath/ Farmington CT 2/14/16 6/1/16 8/5/16 Mathematics, Mathematical Biology.
University Maryland http://www-math.umd.edu/maps-reu.html College Park MD 2/26/16 6/13/16 8/5/16 Mathematics (Algebra/Number Theory, Applied Harmonic Analysis, Chaotic Dynamics, Geometry, Mathematical Biology, Probability and Random Processes, Quantum Dynamics); Statistics
University Maryland Baltimore County http://hpcreu.umbc.edu/ Baltimore MD 3/1/16 6/19/16 8/12/16 Mathematics and Statistics; Scientific and Parallel Computing.
University Minnesota http://www.math.umn.edu/~reiner/REU/REU.html Minneapolis MN       Combinatorics
University Minnesota Duluth http://www.d.umn.edu/~jgallian/REU.html Duluth MN 2/10/16 6/5/16 8/11/16 Combinatorics, Number Theory
University Nebraska Lincoln http://www.unl.edu/summerprogram/home Lincoln NE 2/1/16 6/6/16 8/10/16 Applied Mathematics, including mathematical biology, differential equations, and difference equations
University North Carolina Greensboro http://www.uncg.edu/mat/bio-math/REU/ Greensboro NC 3/4/16 5/15/16 7/22/16 Mathematics, mathematical biology
University of Texas Tyler http://www.uttyler.edu/math/reu.php Tyler TX 2/26/16 5/31/16 7/22/16 combinatorics on words, network reliability,
and chemical graph theory
University of Washington Bothell https://reuwb.wordpress.com Seattle WA 2/29/16 6/20/16 8/12/16 Mathematics (both pure and applied topics)
University Tennessee Chattanoooga http://www.utc.edu/mathematics/reu/index.php Chattanooga TN 3/15/16 6/8/15 7/22/16 Differential equation and difference equation models and distributions in number theory
University Washington http://www.math.washington.edu/~reu/ Seattle WA 4/1/16 6/20/16 8/12/16 Inverse Problems, Network Theory
Valpraiso University http://www.valpo.edu/mcs/verum/index.php Valparaiso IN 2/22/16 5/25/16 7/27/16 Mathematics, including combinatorics, biomathematics, and statistics
Wake Forest University http://college.wfu.edu/mathreu/ Winston-Salem NC 2/14/16 6/6/16 8/4/16 Number theory; elementary number theory, elliptic curves, quadratic forms, modular forms, and algebraic number theory.
Western Georgia http://www.westga.edu/assetsCOSM/math/2016_REU_Announcement.pdf Carrollton GA 2/15/16 6/6/16 7/29/16 Combinatorics, Number Theory, Graph Theory
Willamette University http://http://www.willamette.edu/cla/math/reu/ Salem OR 2/21/16 6/6/16 7/29/16 Ring and matrix algebra, statistics and random processes, graph theory and combinatorics
Williams University http://math.williams.edu/small/ Williamstown MA 2/11/16 6/13/16 8/13/16 Mathematics and statistics; algebra, analysis, ergodic theory, geometry, knot theory, mathematical biology, mathematical physics, number theory, probability, statistics, topology
Winthrop University http://www.birdnest.org/wureu Rock Hill SC 2/13/16 5/26/16 7/24/16 algebraic geometry, differential equations, phylogenetics, and cancer biology
Worcester Polytechnic University http://www.wpi.edu/+CIMS/REU Worcester MA 2/22/16 5/31/16 7/30/16 Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Finance, and Statistics