Miscellaneous Abstracts

Commentary on women in math Crucial experiments Educating for persistence Teacher who gave mock test resigns L. Babcock and S. Laschever, Women Don’t Ask
This book skillfully and comprehensively documents gender differences in negotiations.
M. Birenbaum and R. Kraemer, Gender and ethnic-group differences in causal attributions for success and failure in mathematics and language examinations V. I. Cherian, Gender, socioeconomic status, and mathematics achievement by Xhosa children M. Elias, Programs give math and science majors a needed boost J. Ernest, Mathematics and Sex J. Fitzpatrick, Women's Lives, Women's Roles S. Gupta and R. Anderson, Sex, AIDS and mathematics C. O’Neil, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
Cathy O’Neil is a Harvard PhD in number theory who has taught at Barnard and worked for a hedge fund and as a data scientist for various start-ups. In this book, O’Neil provides many example of the misuse of data and prediction models in a wide variety of areas.
S. P. Restivo, Math worlds:philosophical and social studies of mathematics and mathematics education
Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Promethean task of bringing mathematics to earth / Sal Restivo -- Foundations of mathematics or mathematical practice : is one forced to choose? / Jean Paul Van Bendegem -- Naturalized epistemology for a Platonist mathematical ontology / Michael D. Resnik -- Mathematical skepticism : are we brains in a countable vat? / Thomas Tymoczko -- Philosophical problems of mathematics in the light of evolutionary epistemology / Yehuda Rav -- Mathematics as a means and as a system / Roland Fischer -- Reflections on the foundations of research on women and mathematics / Helga Jungwirth --Politicizing the mathematics classroom / Nel Noddings -- Dialogical nature of reflective knowledge / Ole Skovsmose -- Applied mathematics as social contract / Philip J. Davis -- Mathematics and social change / Roland Fischer -- Social system of mathematics and national socialism : a survey / Herbert Mehrtens -- Social life of mathematics / Sal Restivo
C. A. Scott, Geometry K. Storey, Two games take task out of math