Wright 2015 Vermont Pictures


We visited Vermont in the fall of 2015 on a Country Walkers tour with guides Mark Kutolowski and Maggie Mae Anderson. After leaving from Burlington we made day trips based at Norwich and Stowe. As it turned out, we were quite a bit early for fall color, but we still enjoyed our walks and our companions.


We took lots of pictures, some with our iPhone4s and some with a Canon camera. Here are some selections from those. Unfortunately, the present Mac operating system doesn't let one easily make slide shows of the sort that it used to, but you can still see the pix and navigate around pretty easily. To see all the pictures in a batch, click on its link to open a sort of slide show. Click on any small picture to see it blown up. Arrows in the upper left corner will then navigate through the whole set or take you back to the full thumbnail collection.


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The camera batch.

The iPhone shots.


And here are also some short videos, mainly for the sound effects.


Along the Ompompanoosic River 1 and 2,

A rivulet on the Bingham Falls trail, and

Bingham Falls itself.


For pictures from other adventures, simply go up a directory and scroll down to find links.


Charley and Leslie