Wright Yorkshire Pictures


These are some of the pictures we took during our visit to Yorkshire in September, 2010. We were based for two weeks in a very modern flat in Richmond and spent most of our days walking, primarily in the Yorkshire Dales, which we truly loved to be in. Part of the idea of the trip was to visit various stretches of the famous Coast to Coast Walk. We managed to get to one end of it, at Robin Hood's Bay, and also visited a piece in the Lake District, as well as traversing several smallish stretches in the Dales and some chunks of the Cleveland Way and Pennine Way. We were also on the lookout for ruins and gardens, of course.

We've broken the pictures up into several groups with suggestive titles. Coast to Coast has a few shots to prove we were really there. Structures has pictures of buildings of one sort or another. Gardens contains a few pictures from among the many we took in beautiful gardens and in the Thorp Perrow Arboretum just outside Bedale. The majority of the pictures, in Views from our Walks, are of scenery we encountered on our daily excursions. We've also included a few panoramic views and two brief movies, one of the brass band playing on the green in Reeth and the other showing Middle Aysgarth Falls after a little rain.

When you look at these pictures, we think you'll see why we had such a wonderful time.

Charley and Leslie


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