Wright Chile Photos


Here are some pictures from our 2006 trip to Chile's Lake District and Patagonia with Country Walkers, guided by Charlie Gauntt and Ingrid Schoenherr. The pix are packaged in chunks, with names reflecting our base locations. To see all the ones from around Puerto Varas, for example, click on the Puerto Varas link below. That'll open a sort of slide show, in chronological order. Click on any small picture to see it blown up. "Next" and "Previous" will navigate through the whole set, and "Up" will take you back to the full collection.


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These photos are snapshots — about a third of the pictures we took — and are not meant to be works of art. They also are low-resolution, for web purposes. If you'd like the original higher-res shots by email, just write to wrightATuoregon.edu (replace AT by @); we'll be happy to supply them.




Charley and Leslie Wright


Puerto Varas

Chiloé Island

Patagonia  (note that there are two pages of these)

Two panoramas

Bob Rockwell, one of our fellow walkers, has graciously allowed me to post some of his pictures as well.

Another of our companions, Lee Steckmest, also took some great pictures. Here are a few of his, including some wonderful shots of birds. The captions are mine; don't blame Lee.

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