Wright Guernsey Pictures


Here are some of the many pictures we took during our 20-th anniversary trip to Guernsey in October, 2009. As usual, our main interest was in getting out and walking, which we were able to do every day, thanks to fine weather. Most of these pictures were taken along hikes on the cliff paths. We covered all of the shoreline from St. Peter Port around the south coast to the west tip of the island.


We have gathered the snapshots into bunches. To see all the pictures from cliffs, for example, click on the first link below to open a sort of slide show. Click on any small picture to see it blown up. "Next" and "Previous" will navigate through the whole set, and "Up" will take you back to the full collection.


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The  captions on the pictures donŐt come close to telling the whole story, but at least they can give you some idea of what youŐre looking at. Perhaps they and the pictures will help you see why we had such a wonderful time.


Charley and Leslie



Cliff paths contains shots of the rugged coastline. Note in some pictures the large number of steps on the paths. Up and down, up and down.


St. Peter Port includes pictures of the main town/city on the island and of Castle Cornet. The castle sits in the harbor and has been used and modified more or less continuously from the time of William the Conqueror to the German occupation in WW II.


Inland contains some scenes from a couple of walks we took in the 25 square mile interior of the island.


Herm has a few pictures from our visit to that neighboring island. One can circumnavigate Herm on foot in a couple of hours, encountering two fairly nice sand beaches and some fine cliffs, of which we donŐt have pictures.


Finally, we include a panorama of St. Peter Port from the harbor.

If you have an interest in seeing pictures from our other adventures, simply go up a directory and scroll down to find links.