Kimberley Tour Photos

These pictures were taken in June and July 2007 on our trip to the remote Kimberley region in far northwest Australia, conducted by Coates Wildlife Tours. They are almost all of scenery, leaving out the people, flowers and birds that contributed so much to making the tour special. These are maybe a quarter of the pictures we took—how many boab trees do you really need to see? We do have a fair number of flower  and rock art pictures that aren't here. Alas, we took no bird pictures. The shots here have been reduced to a resolution that seems suited to the web; higher-resolution versions are available on request from wright(AT)

There are two "slide shows" here, the main one and a group of four panoramas.

Click on any small picture to see it blown up. "Next" and "Previous" will navigate through the whole set, and "Up" will take you back to the full collection. To get back to this page, click "Up" and then the "back to main page" link.

In addition, here are some pictures taken by some of our fellow travelers, Katrina Brayshaw, Malcolm Calder and Gill Glover.

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the reasons why we had such a memorable experience.

Charley and Leslie

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