Wright Switzerland Pictures


Here are some of the pictures we took during our visit to Switzerland in September 2008. We've loosely grouped them by categories, rather than in strict chronological order. To see all the ones from around our home base in Oberhofen on Lake Thun, for example, click on the first link below to open a sort of slide show. Click on any small picture to see it blown up. "Next" and "Previous" will navigate through the whole set, and "Up" will take you back to the full collection.


To get back to this page, click "Up" and then the "back to main directory" link.


These photos are snapshots— a small fraction of the pictures we took — and are not meant to be works of art. Also, for some reason, our camera sometimes decides to make the world slope inwards towards the top, so adjust your perspective accordingly.


We hope you can see why we enjoyed our Swiss holiday so much.


Charley and Leslie




Oberhofen, Thun and Surroundings


Castles and Culture including representative Swiss architectural styles from the Ballenberg open-air museum


Mountain Walks


Canyons and Countryside including shots of the incredible Aareschlucht canyon as well as some bucolic scenes


In addition, we have a few panoramic shots and even two very brief movies, one of a cow eating grass and one of a waterfall at the Aareschlucht, just for the sound effects.

If you have an interest in seeing pictures from our other adventures, simply go up a directory and scroll down to find links.