INTL 607 Graduate Core Seminar                    Fall 2011

Professor Anita M. Weiss

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                                       Participants & Schedule for Discussion Leadership

Participants and emails
Caroline Dezendorf
Jean Faye
Dustin Foskett
Samantha Gammons
Dylan Geil
Andrew Howe
Will Johnson
Naami Ketema
Kelsey Provo
Assa Sylla
Heather Wolford

                                          Schedule for Discussion Leadership

Each week several of you will serve as Discussion Leaders. This role is very important to the success of each class period. Discussion Leaders will play an active role in guiding the conversations we engage in each time we meet. Discussion Leaders will go beyond the standard reaction paper process to also produce a more comprehensive outline of the major points presented in the relevant readings. These ‘talking points’ outlines will help discussion leaders facilitate their assigned class discussions and will be turned in for grading. Evaluation of your performance in this context will be based on the utility of your “talking points” and your facilitation of the discussion.

Week II, October 5          International Studies in the US Academy
                                             and at the UO: Seeing the Emergence of a Discipline?
                                            Key Themes of International Studies at the UO

Facilitator: Will Johnson

Week III, October 12       Program Themes: Development and Culture
                   Note: Proposal of Works for Bibliography/Review due in class

Faculty Visitor: Anita Weiss

1. Samantha Gammons
2. Assa Sylla

Week V, October 26         Program Themes: Cross-cultural Communication
                                        & Collaborative Immersion

Faculty Visitor: Kathie Carpenter

1. Dylan Geil
2. Naami Ketema

Week VI, November 2     Research in International Studies:
                                     Framing Epistemologies and Ways of Knowing

Faculty Visitor: Yvonne Braun

1.  Andrew Howe
 Heather Wolford

Week VII, November 9      A Practical Overview; Developing and Forming an Argument
                            Visit Complete the CITI tutorial and assessment modules before coming to class

Facilitator: Caroline Dezendorf

Week VIII, November 16       Gathering Information: A Methodological Sampler
                                          What Does It All Mean? Analyzing What You’ve Collected

Faculty Visitor: Dennis Galvan

1. Jean Faye
2. Dustin Foskett

Week IX, November 23         Towards Understanding and Presentation

Faculty Visitor: Derrick Hindery

Facilitator: Kelsey Provo

Week X, November 30           Becoming an International Studies Professional;
                                                    Careers in International Studies

Faculty Visitor: Glenn Mittermann