UO Psychology Graduate Seminar

Trauma Intervention


Winter 2005 Psychology 607 Seminar
Title: Sem Trauma Internvention
Instructors: Jennifer Freyd & Pamela Birrell

Grading option: Optional
Credits: 1-4
Instructor's consent required (application form)
Time: T 12:00-13:50 in 156 Straub Hall

Course Home Page http://dynamic.uoregon.edu/~jfreyd/psy607-win05/index.html

This seminar can be used as a behavior change or clinical elective for grad students in UO Clinical Psychology program.

Instructor's consent required: (Application Form)

Overview: This course presents a broad overview of the effects of trauma, historically, individually, and socioculturally. We will examine definitions of trauma, current nosology surrounding the syndromes that arise post-traumatically and implications for effective treatment. Students will become familiar with current treatments, their efficacy and philosophical underpinnings.

Focus books for the course:

Bloom, Sandra. (1997) Creating Sanctuary: toward the evolution of sane societies. Routledge.

Brewin, Chris (2003) Post-traumatic stress disorder: malady or myth? Yale University Press.

(These books are available for purchase in the text book section of the at the UO bookstore.)

Recommended books for this course and your personal library:

Herman, J.L. (1997). Trauma and recovery. Basic Books.

Wison, J.P. & Keane, T.M. (Eds) (2004) Assessing Psychological Trauma and PTSD, Second Edition. Guilford.

Course Work: Students will be expected to attend all class meetings, do all assigned readings, and to actively participate in seminar discussion. In addition each participant will lead a class discussion and, in advance of the class meeting, create a set of discussion questions by the Friday at noon before the Monday class. The student will send the questions to the instructor and then the questions will be distributed to the class via email by the instructor prior to the discussion. After the class, the student(s) leading discussion will create a document including the discussion questions, any other presentation material, and capturing important discussion points from class. This revised document must be submitted to the instructor for posting on the course web site by the Wednesday at noon following class. The revised version of the handout must be in either powerpoint, word, or rich text format. (Note: if you wish to receive behavior change credit you will also need to turn in a paper by March 1. The paper will be a research focussed one -- e.g. a research proposal or a critique of methods used in trauma treatment research.)

Application Form: Instructors Consent is Required (for both students who wish to register and those who wish to audit). Applications will be considered as long as there is space available.

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