People in the Lab
Sara Hodges
Sara is an associate professor at the University of Oregon. Sara studies how
people construct judgments of their social world. She is interested in the
"building blocks" that people use to form attitudes and make decisions about
the people and things around them, and how this information is organized.
Graduate Students
Karyn Lewis
Karyn is a fifth year doctoral student. Karyn is interested in interpersonal
perception, particularly in the role target characteristics play as perceivers
attempt to decode their thoughts, emotions, and personality traits. Karyn
also studies belonging needs and how these needs affect people's
perceptions, motivation, and behavior in different situations.
Ezra Markowitz
Ezra is a fifth year doctoral sutdent in the Environmental Studies and
Psychology programs. Ezra is interested in the intersection of environmental
conservation, psychology, communications research and policy. He works on
a diverse set of research topics, all tying into his underlying interest in the
relationship between human behavior and environmental degradation.
Brian Clark
Brian is a third year doctoral student broadly interested in all things relevant
to morality. Brian is currently studying hypocrisy, with a particular focus on
morally-relevant issues therein, from two angles: 1) understanding how and
why adhering to moral intuitions, personal beliefs, and expressed attitudes
conflicts with self-interest and other moral intuitions (basically, what makes
people hypocrites) and 2) understanding how and why people attribute
hypocrisy as an explanation of others' behavior (basically, what makes people
call other people hypocrites).
Devin Howington
Devin is a second year doctoral student. Devin is interested in the processes
involved in understanding others and the effects those processes have on
interpersonal relations.
Nicole Lawless
Nicole is a second year doctoral student. She studies how people
communicate with one another, and is particularly interested in how we pick
up on and use emotional "cues" in conversation.
Social Cognition Lab Members, Fall 2011
Colton Christian
Colton is a first year master's student. His current research examines the
effects of prior, present, and anticipatory experience on cognitive and
affective empathic accuracy.
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