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I WILL be teaching the three week Study Abroad course on Bicycle Transportation in summer 2015 in Denmark and the Netherlands. If interested, email me and I'll keep you informed.

2011 Students


Student Resources

Thesis / Exit Project Timeline
  Download this Excel file, enter your desired graduation date and milestone dates for thesis chapters will magically appear.  This document also includes some general hints about the structure and purpose of each thesis/project chapter.
PPPM PowerPoint Template
Download this PowerPoint file and use it as the foundation of your presentation.  This file has a black background, which looks crisp when projected because you can't see the edges.  The file also has the PPPM and UO logos embedded to help your audience know your affiliation.  It's clean and simple.
Poster Presentation and Template Information
Here are some resources to help you make posters.
Letter of Recommendation Policy
If you would like a letter of recommendation from me, please think about why I would be a good person to write a letter on your behalf. If you still would like a letter from me, please provide me with the following in hard copy:
  • Your resume
  • An unofficial transcript, with classes you took from me highlighted
  • Any forms that need to accompany my letter, fully filled out and signed by you if needed
  • A stamped and addressed envelope where you would like it sent. If the letter will be included with other materials, you can leave the stamp off, but be sure to tell me how you intend to get the letter from me once completed.
  • In an email, please attach a draft letter that I can work from. I will edit this letter substantially, but it gives me a starting place and gives me insight into your thinking on what you think I can comment on
A Sample of Student Exit Projects / Theses I've Supervised
PDF - 300k

"Public Participation GIS And Classroom-Based Projects: Evaluating The Outcomes For Student Participants" (Darren Wyss 2005)

PDF - 1.1MB

"Walkability Around Neighborhood Parks: An Assessment Of

Four Parks In Springfield, Oregon" (Robert Stevens 2005)

PDF - 1.6MB

"A GIS Approach to Evaluating Streetscape and Neighborhood Walkability" (Kristopher Ackerson 2005)

PDF - 235KB

"Innovations in Democracy: An Evaluation of the Rogue Valley Wisdom Council"  (Elliot Shuford 2004)

PDF - 2.2MB

"Walkability And Urban Form: A GIS-Based Analysis Of Nodal Development Areas In The Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area" (Paul Seilo, 2004)

PDF - 201KB

"Planning And Food Systems: Ingredients For Sustainable Communities" (Robert Richardson, 2004)

PDF - 9.3MB

"Evaluating Regional Affordable Housing Policy: A GIS-Based Comparison Of Affordable Housing In The Portland, Or And Denver, Co Regions" (Amy Lapin, 2003) 

PDF - 14MB "Light rail transit and gentrification in Portland, OR: A GIS-based analysis of census indicators" (Michael Howard, 2002)
PDF - 905KB “Communicative Planning for Neighborhood-based Social Services: A Case Study Evaluation of the City of Eugene Social Service Siting Task Force Process” (Matt Mattia, 2002)
PDF - 700KB "Developing Sustainability Indicators Using Oregon Benchmarks” (Adam Zimmerman, 2002)
PDF - 1.2MB Measuring Segregation In Melting-Pot Suburbs: Concepts, Methods, And Results For The San Francisco Bay Area” (Steven Rehn, 2002)