Northwest Terascale Research Projects

Emerging opportunities for the International Linear Collider

University of Oregon

16 - 19 March 2011

The Northwest Terascale projects is a series of small informal workshops being jointly hosted by the particle theory and experimental groups at the Universities of Washington and Oregon. The workshops in this series have a very limited number of participants, not too many preplanned talks, and plenty of time for discussions. In this case, it is foreseen that the workshop will present results at the larger Linear Collider workshop immediately following.

Previous workshops in this series have been

This meeting has been organized by JoAnne Hewett of SLAC, LianTao Wang of Princeton and Dave Soper of UO.

Last updated 15 March 2011

Davison E. Soper
Institute of Theoretical Science
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403 USA