Problem of the Month Archive

Kids in India during "Holi"

Kids in Nasik, India, enjoying "Holi",
a springtime festival. It's all about fun!

Click on the links below for sample linguistic problems that have been featured in the Understanding English GrammarProblem of the Month contest. To submit a solution to any of these problems, send email to "UEG1 (at)" and we'll let you know how you did. You must make a sincere attempt to solve a problem before we will send you the solution. If your solution is the best one submitted for the current month, you will achieve immortality via recognition on the UEG website, AND you will receive a Wonderful Prize. Enjoy!

February, 2012 'Georgian'

December, 2011 'Classical Nahuatl'

October, 2011 'Gothic Names'

September, 2011 'Rodluvan and Mormor'

August, 2011 'Parse This 2!'

July, 2011 'Samoan'

June, 2011 'Hawaiian'

May, 2011 'Molistic'

April, 2011 'An Italian borrowing'

March, 2011 'Irish Numbers'

February, 2011 'Baristish'

January, 2011 'Parse this!'

November, 2010 'Turkish'

October, 2010 'Shunk'