This is a former version of US07/08-2 which is available for archival purposes only. Please consult US078-2.html for the current operative version of this motion.

Motion US07/08-2 – To enable the University Senate to call a meeting of the University Assembly with full legislative authority, sets the time of the meeting, and establishes quorum and voting requirements



Sponsored by:                 Frank Stahl, emeritus biology

For Senate Action            On 28 November 2007 it was Tabled to a Time Definite of 9 January 2008



Moved that, the University Senate


1. Amend 6.6 of the Enabling Legislation of May 3-17, 1995 as follows (new words in bold):


6.6 The University Assembly, with full legislative power, shall be convened by majority vote of the University Senate or after a petition to so convene has been signed by 33 % of those eligible to vote for non student senators, as provided by other sections in this legislation.


2. Amend section (d) of US03/04-10 to read as follows (new words in bold):


(d) A meeting of the University Assembly called by petition of 33% of the Voting Faculty shall be held at 3:30 PM, on a Wednesday, not less than ten nor more than 25 days from the time of submission of said petition, except that no meeting shall be scheduled for exam week, between quarters or during the summer quarter. In such an event, the meeting would be scheduled for the second Wednesday of the subsequent quarter. Assembly meetings called by the Senate shall be held at 3:30 pm on Wednesday. When practical, the meeting will be on the Wednesday immediately following the Senate call.


3. Amend section 6.6 of the Enabling Legislation of May 3 & 17, 1995 by adding two sub sections as follows:


6.6.1 Quorum. The quorum for an Assembly meeting with full legislative power shall be six times the quorum requirement for the University Senate.


6.6.2 Majorities for enacting legislation. Legislation to change existing rules for governance, or to introduce new rules for governance, requires a 2/3 majority vote. All other legislation requires a majority vote.



Financial Impact Statement: None

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