Asya Gulua


        Asya Gulua began studying the piano at age six in her native Moscow,

Russia. After only one year of training, the precocious talent was

admitted into the prestigious Gnessin School of Music, where intense

studies commenced with Anna Arzamanova and Sergei Lebedev. Asya

credits these two mentors as the main influences during her early

training, as both played vital roles in her growth and development as

a young pianist, artist, and individual.

        Upon emigration from Russia to the United States in 1996, Asya

continued her studies with Marjorie Janove and Mikhail Boguslavsky.

Her acceptance to the well-known Interlochen Arts Academy placed Asya

under the tutelage of Dr. Stephen Perry, with whom she finished out

her high school degree. She completed her undergraduate studies in

2005 at the renowned Juilliard School in New York, where she was a

pupil in the studio of Professor Jerome Lowenthal. That is also where

she met her husband Arsen Gulua and after receiving her BM degree,

Asya took two years off from school to be at home with their newborn

son Pyotr. In 2009, she graduated from the Jacobs School of Music at

Indiana University with a MM degree, where she was a student of Edward


        Asya was recently accepted into the DMA program at the University of

Oregon, but is once again taking time off from school as she is

awaiting the birth of a second child. She plans to resume her studies

in fall 2010 in the studio of Alexandre Dossin.


Name: Asya Gulua

Birthday: January 11th

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Repertoire 09/10

Bach: Toccata f# minor,

Mozart: something

Chopin: Sonata no.3

Scriabin preludes or Rachmaninov

Possibly a piece by Samuel Zyman

Some concerto...


Quote: "A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal."  - Oscar Wilde

Books: "Valentin Serov" from series "Life in Art" by Mark Isaevich Kopshitser

Movies: "Man on the Train"

Musicians: Glenn Gould and Duke Ellington


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