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Pledging Process

Every member of APO started as a pledge. It's an incredibly rewarding experience that will integrate you into the community of our organization. To start, you'll need to complete the same requirements of any other APO member:

Next, there are some requirements that are specific to pledges:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is APO a fraternity?

The answer is yes, although not in the way you would expect. Alpha Phi Omega is a national fraternity, but it's not associated with Greek Life. You can think of APO like one of the professional fraternities (for example: Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity), except our primary focus is on community service and volunteering.

Are women allowed to join?

Yes! Historically, APO was only open to men, which is reflected in its designation as a fraternity. Now, we are open to students of any gender. However, we still incorporate some of the social aspects of fraternities and sororities, like the Big/Little program.

How big is the time commitment?

Approximately two to three hours per week. Meeting the requirements is easy and flexible: you can spread out your hours evenly across the term, or complete them in chunks. Most members simply sign up for events they find interesting, and end up with the requirements filled. (Pledges will need to plan more carefully.)

Is there any hazing involved?

Absolutely not. Our national bylaws prohibit any kind of hazing, and our chapter is fully committed to enforcing them.

What if my question isn't here?

We can't anticipate every question, so if yours isn't on this page, please contact us. One of our executive officers will be happy to help you out.