MATH 682
Algebraic Geometry, Fall 2024


MWF 2, 260 Tykeson

Office hours:

Tuesday 2-2:50, Friday 12-12:50, or by appointment

My office:

314E Fenton, e-mail


The main book will be

  • "Algebraic Varieties" by Kempf
  • The following books may also be useful:

  • "Introduction to commutative algebra" by Atiyah and Macdonald
  • "Algebraic geometry" by Hartshorne
  • Pre-requisites:

    Math 681


    There will be no exams in this course, so the grade will be based solely on your homework scores. Homework should be turned in by email, as pdf file, on the day when it's due. You are encouraged to collaborate on homeworks, however, writing up the solutions should be an individual work.

    Winter homework assignments:

    Assignment #1 (due January 19):

  • Exercise set 1
  • Assignment #2 (due February 2):

  • Exercise set 2
  • Assignment #3 (due February 21):

  • Exercise set 3
  • Assignment #4 (due March 13):

  • Exercise set 4