QUAntum groups, Categorification, Knot invariants, and Soergel bimodules II

August 8-12, 2022
University of Oregon

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An in-person sequel to the online conference QUACKS.

QUACKS II will feature a minicourse taught by Daniel Tubbenhauer (University of Sydney), entitled From representations of monoids to representations of monoidal categories. This minicourse will be accessible to grad students (assuming a standard graduate algebra sequence), and will be accompanied by exercise sessions. Roughly, the minicourse will discuss representations of monoids, based algebras, and monoidal additive categories, with applications to the representation theory of the Hecke category.

Invited speakers include:

(Still in the process of inviting speakers!)

Asilata Bapat (Australian National University)

Matt Hogancamp (Northeastern University)

Mee Seong Im (US Naval Academy)

Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia University)

Slava Krushkal (University of Virginia)

Xinchun Ma (University of Chicago)

Joanna Meinel (Universitat Bonn)

Ikshu Neithalath (University of Southern Denmark)

You Qi (University of Virginia)

David Rose (University of North Carolina)

Alistair Savage (University of Ottawa)

Jose Simental Rodriguez (UNAM)

Melissa Sherman-Bennett (MIT)

Catharina Stroppel (Universitat Bonn)

Joshua Sussan (CUNY)

Daniel Tubbenhauer (University of Sydney)

Paul Wedrich (Universitat Hamburg)


Focused Research Group "Algebra and Geometry Behind Link Homology"
Supported by the NSF grant DMS - 1760329

Organizing Committee

Benjamin Elias*, Eugene Gorsky, Andrei Neguț, Alexei Oblomkov, Lev Rozansky, Anne Schilling.
* contact person