QUAntum groups, Categorification, Knot invariants, and Soergel bimodules

August 10-14, 2020
University of Oregon

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QUACKS will feature a minicourse on Hopfological algebra and categorification at a root of unity, given by You Qi (University of Virginia). This minicourse will be accessible to graduate students (assuming a standard graduate algebra sequence).

Invited speakers include:

Shotaro Makisumi (Columbia University)

Anna Beliakova * (Universitat Zurich)

Nicolle Gonzalez (UCLA)

Matt Hogancamp (Northeastern University)

Joel Kamnitzer (University of Toronto)

Mikhail Khovanov * (Columbia University)

You Qi (University of Virginia)

Louis-Hadrien Robert (Universite de Geneve)

David Rose (University of North Carolina)

Catharina Stroppel (Universitat Bonn)

Joshua Sussan (CUNY)

Anne-Laure Thiel (Universite de Caen)

Daniel Tubbenhauer (Universitat Zurich)

Emmanuel Wagner (IMJ-PRG)

Paul Wedrich (Universitat Bonn)

Geordie Williamson * (University of Sydney)

* Awaiting confirmation


Focused Research Group "Algebra and Geometry Behind Link Homology"
Supported by the NSF grant DMS - 1760329

Organizing Committee

Benjamin Elias*, Eugene Gorsky, Andrei Neguț, Alexei Oblomkov, Lev Rozansky, Anne Schilling.
* contact person