Restaurants around Eugene

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Here is Ben's very opinionated list of local restaurants, starting with the ones near campus. Most of them are in the 13th street area between Kincaid and Hilyard. Note: Covid had devastating effects on the restaurant scene near campus, with several excellent restaurants closing down. Even more restaurants have closed since the north side of 13th street is about to undergo major reconstruction in fall 2022. The food scene is currently: tragic.


Ben never goes out to coffee so this is what he hears.
Cafe Roma (13th near Alder) - Bad coffee.
Tailored (13th near Hilyard) - Better coffee.
Lillis Hall (13th on campus) - Has coffee.
Vero Espresso (14th near downtown) - Better coffee, far away.


Wheat Bay Uniquely Chengdu (13th, near Alder) - quite decent Sichuanese. I like the vine pepper fish and the griddle cauliflower bowl, and the sliced beef in chili sauce appetizer. Relatively pricey. Three dishes is often enough for four people.
Spring House (Alder, near 12th) - Large portions at a great price. I like the Singapore noodles, Nick usually gets Fujian Mei Fun.
Maple Garden (Alder, near 13th) - Another chinese restaurant which is supposed to have good food if you know what to order, but I don't know what to order.


Korea House (Hilyard, near 13th): Reasonable mom and pop shop. Tries to have everything possible on the menu: jack of all trades and master of none. Can be slow sometimes.
Seoul Restaurant (Villard, near Franklin): Quite far, also very slow, I haven't been there in years.
Duck Sushi (13th, near Hilyard): Lots of random stuff, also sushi and bento boxes. Reasonably fast.


Tasty Thai (Hilyard, near 13th): Went downhill years ago. Mediocre.
Sweet Basil (Alder, near 13th): Also went downhill more recently. Why can't they keep their chefs?


Sy's NY Pizza (Alder, near 12th): Not bad.
Pegasus Pizza (14th, near Alder): We're ordering from here for the Pizza party. Ok.
Falling Sky (in EMU): Not good.

And More:

Cafe Yumm: Vegetarian rice bowls. Originally based in Eugene, now franchised throughout the northwest. They use a very unique yeast-based special sauce, which many people love and some hate. I think the sauce to rice ratio is too high, so I always get extra rice on the side; having figured this out, I'm happy to eat there.
Izakaya Jinsei: Extremely slow and overpriced. Not worth it.
Toxic wings: Bad.
Oregon Burrito company: Bad.
Fresh corner Market: In the EMU building, which is mostly filled with fast food chains, is this convenience store which also serves rice bowls. There's a decent Moroccan couscous dish there.
Unthank: Apparently there's a new food court there that's decent, but I've never been.
Taste of India: Far away to the east near market of choice. Indian, with buffet lunch. No good Indian food I've found in Eugene, this may be one of the better ones but... Pig and Turnip: on Franklin, moved to this location recently. Haven't tried it, but know someone who liked it.
There's a Taqueria food cart on Franklin I've been meaning to try but never have.

Restaurants at 19th and Agate (further away, and they tend to be slow, it'll be tight for lunch).

Agate Alley: Not bad.
Studio One Cafe: Great brunch place! Not super slow, but sometimes a line.
McMennamins: Meh.
Prince Puckler's Ice Cream: It's ice cream.
Beppe and Gianni's: Quite decent italian.
Sweet Life: Bad dessert bakery.
J-tea: Overpriced tea. Nice place to hang out.
Hey Neighbor: Hipster pizza.

Restaurants downtown

Sizzle Pie: Half the time its great, the other half the time its overcooked. Can get really good pizza sometimes, much more often as a pie than a slice. Old dirty is our favorite.
Falling Sky Brewpub: Recently changed ownership. I've been once since and the food was actually decent. Has own beers.
Poppi's Anatolia: Fusion indian mediterranean. I guess the mediterranean is ok. Don't hope for any good indian in this town.
Party Downtown: Good dinner place with weird service and small portions.
Off the Waffle: It's waffles.
Voodoo donuts: I guess its famous. But why?
Bon Mi: Good sandwiches, bad pho.
Belly: Rotating menu, hit or miss.

5th street market and further north

Sushi Pure: not worth it.
International Market at 5th street market: the restaurants are new since covid, I haven't been.
Rye: One of my favorites in town. Great cocktails.
Coldfire: A brewery, but has rotating food trucks. Heybaby is supposed to be the best burger in town, but I think they just closed down to open a restaurant somewhere.
Legend of Sichuan: Hmmmm.
Marche: Medium expensive place where we take colloquium speakers. Fairly good.
Akira: Very expensive sushi, quite good!

South on Willamette

Bier Stein: Acceptable pub food. Huge bottled beer selection.
Newman's fish company: Good fish and chips (halibut), only open for lunch. Their other location (far away) has better fish and chips.
La Oficina: Salvadorean. I've never been.
Kung fu bistro: Best chinese in town, quite good!!

The Whiteaker (really distant, but where all the hipster food is, or perhaps used to be)

Mame: It closed years ago and I still haven't gotten over it!
Tacovore: Good tacos. Maybe.
Pizza Research Institute: Good pizza, but avoid the chef's choice. Very slow.
Papa's Soul food: Ok barbecue. Just closed. Boo.
Board: American tapas. Quite good.
Grit: Rotating menu, hmmm.
Izakaya Meiji: Overrated izakaya.
Falling Sky: Brisket deli etc. Supposed to be good. It's meh.
Noli: Never been, supposed to be good italian.
Sweet Life: Bad dessert bakery, but the only one open late.

More stuff

Oakshire brewery: A brewery, but has rotating food trucks. Buck Buck has fantastic fried chicken!! Oh no, it exploded.
Wandering goat coffee: one of the best in town, in my opinion.
Ninkasi brewery: Never been.