Medieval Studies

Many of our legal and political ideas originate in medieval cultures, as does enduring art, literature and culture. By introducing students to the histories of medieval cultures, this interdisciplinary field helps students understand how the past structures the present. Focusing on the timely issues of Euro-Middle Eastern religious conflict, cooperation, and debate from a deeply historical perspective, Medieval Studies helps students build the foundational skills that employers want--communication, analysis, problem-solving, and resourcefulness.
Top Five
Reasons to Study
This Major
  1. Understand art, language, politics, and literature of this history-making era.

  2. Learn and grow in an interdisciplinary field.

  3. Build upon your passion for history.

  4. Equip yourself with writing and research skills.

  5. Prepare yourself for a wide variety of careers or further studies.

College of Arts and Sciences
Where Can I Go?

Students in Medieval Studies pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Medieval Studies provides students with a foundation for employment in:

Colleges and universities

K-12 schools

Archives and libraries

Historical societies

Nonprofit organizations

Language institutes

Research institutes

Publishing companies

Alumni Jobs

Digital media coordinator

Legislative correspondent

Network and computer systems administrator


Research linguist

Chief technical officer

Public relations and fundraising

Investment advisor


Event planner
Courses You
May Need

1st Year
Three courses on medieval subjects from one dept; WR 121; WR 122 or 123

2nd Year
Three courses on medieval subjects from a second department

3rd Year
Three courses on medieval subjects from a third department

4th Year
Three courses on medieval subjects from any department

Major Credits
Required   40
Electives 8

Total 48

Core Education Requirements

BS or BA Degree Minimum = 180 credits.

Core Education is approximately 71—83 credits depending on transfer credits and placement scores and requires courses in:


Math and/or CS (BS) or Language (BA)

US: Difference, Inequality, Agency

Global Perspectives

Areas of Inquiry in:

Arts and Letters

Social Science / Science
What Will I Learn?

Oral and written communication

Critical thinking and analysis

Library and archival research

Creative writing

Qualitative analysis

Teaching and tutoring

Cross-cultural collaboration
Experiential learning opportunities

Internship at a library special collection

Internship at a museum

Fieldwork at a medieval archaeological excavation
Specialized Courses

Reading Classical Arabic

Issues in Medieval Chinese Literature

Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity

Introduction to Japanese Literature

Medieval and Early Modern Judaism

Survey of Music History

Introduction to the Qur'an

Vikings through the Icelandic Sagas
Add A Minor Or Certificate

Religious Studies

Judaic Studies




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