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selected recent publications


Kendall, T., Vaughn, C., Farrington, C., Gunter, K., McLean, J., Tacata, C., & Arnson, S. (2021). Considering performance in the automated and manual coding of sociolinguistic variables: Lessons from variable (ING). Frontiers in artificial intelligence, 4, 43. [ Link ]


Idemaru, K. & Vaughn, C. (2020). Perceptual tracking of distinct distributional regularities within a single voice. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 148(6), EL427-EL432. [ Link ]

Vaughn, C. & Whitty, A. (2020). Investigating the relationship between comprehensibility and social evaluation. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation. [ Link ]

Kendall, T., & Vaughn, C. (2020). Exploring vowel formant estimation through simulation-based techniques. Linguistic Vanguard, 6(s1). [ Link ]

Gunter, K., Vaughn, C., & Kendall, T. (2020). Perceiving Southernness: Vowel categories and acoustic cues in Southernness ratings. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 147(1), 643-656. [ Link ]


Vaughn, C. & Kendall, T. (2019). Stylistically coherent variants: Social meaning in representation. Revista de Estudos da Linguagem. [ Link ] [ Link to PDF ]

Vaughn, C. (2019). Expectations about the source of a speaker’s accent affect accent adaptation. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 145, 3218-3232. [ Link ]

Vaughn, C., Baese-Berk, M., & Idemaru, K. (2019). Reexamining phonetic variability in native and non-native speech. Phonetica, 76(5), 327-358. [ Link ]

Babel, M., McAuliffe, M., Norton, C., Senior, B., & Vaughn, C. (2019). The Goldilocks zone of perceptual learning. Phonetica, 76(2-3), 179-200. [ Link ]

Vaughn, C., & Baese-Berk, M. (2019). Effects of talker order on accent ratings. In Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Melbourne, Australia. [ Link to PDF ]

Lee, J, Vaughn, C., & Idemaru, K. (2019). Production and perception of North Korean and South Korean Vowels: A pilot study. In Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Melbourne, Australia. [ Link to PDF ]


Vaughn, C. & Kendall, T. (2018). Listener sensitivity to probabilistic conditioning of sociolinguistic variables: The case of (ING). Journal of Memory and Language, 103, 58-73. [ Link ]

Vaughn, C., Kendall, T., & Gunter, K. (2018). Probing the social meaning of English adjective intensifiers as a class lab project. American Speech, 93(2), 298-310. [ Link ]


Vaughn, C., & Bradlow, A. (2016). Processing relationships between language-being-spoken and other speech dimensions in monolingual and bilingual listeners. Language and Speech (60)4, 530-561. [ Link ]

McAuliffe, M., Babel, M., & Vaughn, C. (2016). Do listeners learn better from natural speech? In Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the International Speech Communication Association. [ Link to PDF ]


Ph.D. dissertation, Northwestern University, 2014: Language-being-spoken and other indexical dimensions in monolingual and bilingual speech processing. [ Link ]
Committee: Ann Bradlow (chair), Matt Goldrick, Satoru Suzuki

M.A. thesis, Northwestern University, 2011: Native language classification in a corpus of transcribed spoken English.
Committee: Janet Pierrehumbert (chair), Hannah Rohde, Matt Goldrick