Diagram of Research, Knowledge & Practice
Fan of Values Model (Mac)
Rendering Design Thinking from the Pattern Language
Conceptual Blending and Integration in Design Thinking
A Metaphysical Sketch of Making: Designing, Knowing & Believing
The Vivid Presence of Design Thinking
Designing in an Aesthetic Field
Three Sections through Designing
Situations of Significance: Late Modern Design Thinking
2012 - 2019
Ethical Evolution in Design Thinking
Theory Place - An Image
The Allegiances of Reason in Design Thinking
De-Colonizing Design Thinking
Embodied Design Thinking
Designer PIE
Ways of ThinkingAbout Design
Theory Book : Designing in an Environmental Field - 1998
What's the Book About?
{Designing}in an Intentional Field - 2006
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Design theory: Couple Colour Image-Concepts in Design Thinking

The Quality Project: Intimate, Metaphoric and Catachresic Qualities in Design
From the field...
Liet's Poem (on metaphor & authorial intent)
Forms and Materials Do Mean and Move Us
Enter an Environmental field
Inertia in an Environmental Field & Field Equations
Phase-dependence of Intention, Form & Meaning
Valuing Priorities in an Environmental Field
Bears, Pelicans & Pigs (on metaphor in design)
An Essay on Meaning in Design Thinking
Comp Prep '08-'09
Classes '96-'05





Couple Colour Image-Concepts in Design Thinking
A Paradigm Shift in Design Thinking
On Principles and Paradigms