J4/548: Advertising Campaigns

Meets: Tues & Thurs 8-950 a.m
211 Allen Hall
CRN: J448 (32335); J548 (32358

Course Pre-requisites: J340 and two from J341, 4/542, 4/543, 4/544. You must have completed these before taking this course

Instructor: Debra Merskin
Office: 205 Allen Hall
Phone: 541-485-7246
Office Hours: Tues 2-4 & Thurs 10-1130
(Other times by appointment only)

Required Texts:


Jim Avery (1997). Advertising Campaign Planning (2nd ed.). Chicago: The Copy Workshop, 1997.

Richard Earle (2000). T he Art of Cause Marketing: How to Use Advertising to Change Personal B ehav ior and Public Policy. Chicago: McGraw Ill.

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Course Description:




This class is for senior advertising students. It is the final course in the advertising sequence and it is here where you'll be able to pull everything together that you have learned thus far to develop and prepare a real advertising campaign for a real client. Life experiences as well as your knowledge from previous J-School and university wide courses will inform your plan.

In order to accomplish this task, you will be assigned to a team by way of application forms filled out in the first week of class. Although everyone is assigned a position on the team, each of you will be graded on your contribution to all aspects of the campaign plan. For example, an art director who does not share in information gathering and book compilation will have his or her grade reduced, even if the art design is brilliant. Under very specific circumstances, discussed in advance with me, each team has the ability to fire an uncooperative team member (uncooerative in the sense of unwillingness to participate, to do fair share of work, or failure to attend team meetings). This team member will then be responsible for creating an entire advertising plan on his or her own.

Your team will operate as a working advertising agency in order to develop a comprehensive campaign plan and present it to the client at the end of the quarter. The plans book must be no more than 40 pages (exlcuding cover and divider pages but including proposed ads and promotional materials).

During the last week of class, your team will formally present your plan to the client. Depending on the number of teams, your team will have approximately 15 minutes for presentation and question and answers. During the presentations you should not only show your recommendation but sell it! Keep in mind that you are urging the client to hire your team and adopt your idea! Take advantage of this time to shine.





The primary objective for the class is for you to gain a thorough understanding of the entire advertising campaign process: everything from marketing strategy, planning, and research to media, creative development, and budgeting. In particular, if you work hard, by the end of the course you'll have a campaign book that will be a great tool when you go on job interviews after graduation. Since you have taken courses that supply you with specific information on copywriting, strategy, account management and/or media planning I expect you to apply that knowledge to move forward with that cumulative knowledge and those skills.

Specific objectives include:

-Develop organization, strategic planning, and presentation skills

-Create a professional-level advertising campaign with a team


Course Conduct




Most of you are approaching the completion of your degree and the end of your time at OSU. You're preparing to enter the advertising industry as a full-time professional. This is a good place to start behaving like one, if you're not doing so already. Professionalism counts. This course is the beginning of your career as an advertising professional. Treat it accordingly.

This course will not only help you understand the tools and techniques utilized to prepare a comprehensive advertising campaign, but also understand the effort required to accomplish this task and ultimately, the conduct expected in the workplace during the process. Some things to keep in mind as the semester progresses:

o This course is light on lecture and long on project work time by design. You have a lot to accomplish and a short time to do so. Make the most of it.

o Meeting with your group inside and outside of class will be critical to producing a successful campaign and final grade. You will have to put in a great deal of time beyond class meetings for a successful project.

o Woody Allen once said "ninety percent of life is just showing up." And indeed it's going to be a big part of your grade. Attendance is mandatory. Any absences not cleared prior to class will be considered unexcused and points will be deducted from your final grade.

o Do your homework whether it's assigned or not. Part of your grade will be determined by your performance on tests and other individual assignments covering the major advertising principles covered in class as well as your ability to discuss in class what you have read. Professionals at all levels attend continuing education and enrichment programs consider your extra observations and readings the first of these.

o Be known as someone who works well with others. Just as life is a group project, so is this course. In the professional advertising world, preparing and executing an effective advertising campaign requires the active participation of everyone in the agency. Consequently, your contribution to and cooperation will determine part of your grade with the group. Your peers will evaluate you on your performance and contribution to the overall campaign product (as you will your peers). The peer evaluation will make up a part of your final campaign grade.



Recommended reading and resources:




The University of Texas-Austin's advertising program maintains an excellent adverting resource page at http://advertising.utexas.edu/world/. It's worth checking out.

Adforum.com has a great deal of up to date information, particularly on creative. There is information about international advertising, advertising news, agency portfolios, and production information. Their web site is located at: http://ww0.adforum.com/index.asp

Advertising Age is the main publication of the advertising business. It is published weekly. You will be asked to report on a story in the latest issue each week in class. http://www.adage.com




Your grade will be based on your performance in four areas. The points earned in these areas will be totaled at the end of the semester and divided by 1000 to arrive at a percentage that will determine your final grade. Other than in the case of mathematical error there will be no changes to the final grade assigned.


Final Campaign Group Campaign Report 200

Oral Presentation 150

Peer Evaluation 100

Campaign Critique #1: 100

Campaign Critique #2: 100

Mid-Term Exam 200

Class Participation and attendance 150*

Total 1000


*Includes weekly Ad Age in-class reports.

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