John J. Donovan
Director (retired), MicroAnalytical Facility
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR


Electron Microprobe and Scanning Electron Microscopy


GEOL 619 Electron Microprobe Analysis

CH 199 Weird Science


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Courtesy Staff, Geological Sciences, University of Oregon, 07/2021

Director, MicroAnalytical Facility, CAMCOR, University of Oregon, 12/2001-06/2021
Laboratory Manager, University of California at Berkeley, 05/1987 - 11/2001
Principal Laboratory Mechanician, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 01/1976 - 04/1987


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Public Presentations:

Springfield Unitarian Church, 05-31-2009
Is Evolution Just A Theory? (save to disk, then open with Open Office)

Springfield Unitarian Church, 01-24-2010
Climate Science: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (open with Microsoft PowerPoint)

Science Pub, Cosmic Pizza, 02-11-2010
Weird Science: Knowledge and Intuition at the Fringe (open with Microsoft PowerPoint)

IntroDUCKtions, 07-16-2010
Thinking Critically About Weird Things (open with Microsoft PowerPoint)

IntroDUCKtions, 07-15-2011
Think Critically About Weird Things (open with Microsoft PowerPoint)



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