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This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 11am in 210 Deady.

Fall Quarter, 2011

  • September 27 - no seminar.
  • October 4 - Dev Sinha (UO)
    The mod-two cohomology of alternating groups.
  • October 11 - Kristine Pelatt (UO)
    A non-trivial class in the homology of spaces of knots.
  • October 18 - Junwu Tu (UO)
    Cyclic resolution of diagonals of stasheff polytopes.
  • October 25 - No seminar.
  • November 1 - Owen Gwilliam (Northwestern University)
    Joint with algebra seminar
  • November 8 - Dan Moseley (UO)
    Group actions on cohomology of varieties.
  • November 15 - Dan Dugger (UO)
    RO(G)-graded cohomology of equivariant Grassmannians
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