Speaker Series Committee

Mission Statement

The Speaker Series Committee invites experts in the mathematical sciences to give talks targeted to graduate students and upper-level undergraduate students in mathematics and its applications in other disciplines. One aim of the series is to enrich the mathematical community of the University of Oregon by providing a forum for the discussion of mathematics and its practice from a feminist perspective. Another aim is to spark interest in mathematics, particularly among members of groups who are under-represented in higher levels of mathematics. The diversity of the speakers, in biography, pedagogy, and research, will foster a more inclusive idea of mathematical community

Committee Chair

Clover May
Graduate Teaching Fellow

2015-2016 Committee Chair: Sarah Frei
2014-2015 Committee Chair: Max Kutler
2013-2014 Committee Chair: Safia Chettih

Distinguished Speaker Series

The Speaker Series is able to provide support for one speaker per term to give two talks. Collectively, the talks will cover, as much as possible, material which is accessible to graduate students, material accessible to advanced undergraduates, and issues of importance to females in the mathematical sciences.

Fall 2016 Distinguished Speaker

Monica Vazirani
Undergraduate Talk Thursday, November 10, at 4:00pm in Deady 106. Title: Applications of symmetry via the lemma that is not Burnside's Abstract

Graduate and Faculty Talk Friday, November 11, at 4:00pm in Deady 208. Title: Representations of the affine BMW algebra (research-level talk) Abstract

Previous Speakers

The committee has had the pleasure of hosting the following distinguished speakers:

Rachel Pries, Fall 2013 (Poster)
Talithia Williams, Winter 2014 (Abstracts)
Julie Bergner, Spring 2014 (Abstracts)
Christine Escher, Fall 2014 (Abstract 1 and Abstract 2)
Ursula Whitcher, Winter 2015 (Poster)
Lan-Hsuan Huang, Spring 2015 (Poster)
Angélica M. Osorno, Fall 2015 (Undergraduate Talk Abstract and Graduate and Faculty Talk Abstract )
Cristina Ballantine , Winter 2016 (Abstracts for both talks)